The Ultimate “Monsters Inc” Recap Cartoon

The Ultimate “Monsters Inc” Recap Cartoon

The ultimate recap cartoon of Pixar’s Monsters, Inc! MIKE WAZOOOOOOOWSKIIIIII!!!

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A Cartoon by
Cas van de Pol & Brian Bear

Storyboarded by
Brian Bear –

Co-directed by
Steve Ly –

Animated by
Erwin Langstraat –
Micaela Gabot –
改刀SD –
Lucas Kozuk i-
Raphael Coutant –
Aris Kolaretakis –
Florin Oduber –
Kati Knitt –
Lise van der Gaag –
Cas van de Pol

Additional animation by
Shashank Mani –
Tijmen Raasveld

Backgrounds by
Anna Engels –

Composited by
Thijs Viegers –

Music & sound design
Robert Jung –

Voice work
Joe Porter –
MeatCanyon –

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27 Responses

  1. Cas van de Pol says:

    thanks for watching everyone!! what should we recap next? ❤❤❤

  2. Durán Segura Sara Paola says:

    Popular opinion: It’s very funny and very entertaining. The animation as always is good. And we should accept that every Cas Van de Pol video is very good and funny.

  3. Goat-on-a-Stick says:

    Are doors Sullivan shape, or is Sullivan door shaped? We will never know.

  4. Skyraat says:

    I love how Sully is perfectly shaped for the doors, like we was destined to be the best scarer since birth. Either that or he had extensive bone and physical structure surgery just for his job.

  5. SPOUWNER RING says:

    1:58 It’s not a true recap without the meme that made everyone rewatch this movie.

    4:15 and there it is again.

  6. Queen Lemur says:

    As gold as these animations always are, there’s usually always one particular thing that ‘gets’ me in them. This time it was simply Sully shutting his tail in the door on the way out with the HMMMM. I don’t have a tail, but I still felt that somehow.

  7. Best OF Laupok says:

    If Cas post a New Cartoon Recap, in a Premiere… We know that it will be insane!

  8. Awesomemay says:

    the amount of creativity this man has is insane !!

  9. DogsWithPurpose says:

    I love how he just makes half his characters look like a Minecraft block

  10. Ranger Derek says:

    The whole Randall (Steve Buscemi) woodchipper scene was hilarious. That would make it two times he went through one. Fargo being the first. Lol.

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