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-emma chamberlain

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56 Responses

  1. Mia Sciacca says:

    emma: *uses a metal straw* “save the turtles!!

    also emma: *comes home with plastic grocery bags….*

    • Skylar Ya says:

      I’m laughing

    • Claire Dixon says:

      a p r i l actually massive corporations are the reason we’re going to be dead in a few decades. It’s cool that you don’t use straws and plastic bags but it doesn’t stop the thousands of pounds of trash and plastic dumped into the ocean by large corporations amassing their wealth

    • M R says:

      Mia Sciacca also uses tea bags which are not biodegradable lmao

    • ruby says:

      a p r i l wow people really out here thinkin the world is gonna end in like 30 years ?

    • Sjimpim 1 says:

      Marie Hofer yeah, but she is vegan. and the meat industry emits a lot of carbon dioxide and uses a lot of water.
      And she does have the straw.
      I know it doesn’t make a huge difference but it shows other people how to damage the earth less and in that way, maybe it will eventually make a difference.

  2. Dan Sullivan says:

    *You should go to the worst reviewed coffee shop in LA! Y’all don’t let this comment go to the bottom* ????

    — *small YouTuber here* ?️‍?? ilysm Emma!!

  3. Monica Leximma says:

    ABT the earth time thing, all around the earth there’s different time zones so technically half the world is awake at night & the other in asleep??

  4. Mia Urias says:

    3:18 puts camera ,put lighting,record button,then pretend like u just walked in the car ?

  5. Farrah Villalobos says:

    Imagine just seeing emma walking alone in la at 3 am. I would’ve joined her lol.

  6. Chloe Bri says:

    “Half of the world can only be awake at night…”

    Are you thinking what I’m thinking B1?

  7. Alexis Westerman says:

    Who else when she said I’ll bring a friend here was thinking about Ethan Dolan?

  8. Erin Belton says:

    i love how at the end she said “alright peace” like the twins love that for her

  9. polkavin says:

    “It would be so convenient if half the world is awake at night and the other awake during the day”

    Emma that is literally,, how it’s been for thousands of years……

  10. Lana Roos says:

    emma: i just wanted to let you guys know i have merch
    me: yea i know but everything is SOLD OUT

  11. akanksha sawarn says:

    Dolan twins- going back to the womb
    Emma- I’m pregnant
    Dolan twins- staying up all night for the play button
    Emma- pulling an all nighter

  12. WHAT EVER IT TAKES says:

    Emma’s son: mom why is my sisters name rose
    Emma: because your dad loves roses
    Emma’s son: thx mom
    Emma : your welcome Ethan Dolan’s jawline

  13. Rosie Cooper says:

    Emma: i’M rEaDy tO fEeL sUmMeR vIbEs
    Also Emma: “wears turtleneck sweater”

  14. EREN GUZEL says:

    Literally No one :

    Emma: pulling an S U M M E R all nighter

    also Emma: wears a blanket as a shirt

  15. iris binnington says:

    The amount of electricity being used 24/7 in LA ?

  16. Ella V says:

    The whole video I just kept thinking about how GOOD Emma looks in this video UGH

  17. Mia z says:

    why don’t Americans have kettles lol imagine microwaving your water

  18. Lainey Hicks says:

    Emma probs won’t see this but if ur thinking of a great vacation spot u should go with some friends to bora bora! ?☀️??

  19. christine says:

    emma during the day: *never wears makeup*
    emma during the middle of the night: *wears a full face of makeup*

  20. aishii heree says:

    no one:
    Absolutely no one:
    not even a single soul:
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