The Ultimate Weapon – Animation vs. Minecraft Shorts Ep 25

The Ultimate Weapon – Animation vs. Minecraft Shorts Ep 25

The Minecraft game icon doesn’t just give you creative mode.

Play on my Minecraft server (Java Edition):






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32 Responses

  1. Alan Becker says:

    I talk about the next episode here:

  2. Debo Gaming says:

    Alan: Release video.
    More than 1000 people: I WANT TO BE THE FIRST!

  3. Comical Realm Animations says:

    This isn’t even a short this is a cinematic masterpiece

  4. GWebDev says:

    After Awhile: REGROUP THE SQUAD
    Alan Before Another Season: S E P A R A T E

  5. Heals says:

    Alan is literally making a Minecraft anime with how intense these fights are gettin wondering how the warden would play out

  6. Mind of THE FEE says:

    Plot twist: the ultimate weapon was actually the pigstep remix.

  7. Takuya Gemma says:

    I literally got goosebumps while watching this. My breath is stopping every 5 seconds or so. This is too good!

  8. MAX Mixel says:

    I like how he switches the disc like, “First we need the appropriate battle music”

  9. Sophia Linda says:

    Sinceramente, Alan esse episódio ficou perfeito
    Simplesmente incrível.
    Como sempre brs marcando presença na área

  10. hecker says:

    Dude this is the best minecraft animation I ever seen, this is masterpiece

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