The Undertaker comes to Roman Reigns’ aid: Raw, June 24, 2019

The Undertaker comes to Roman Reigns’ aid: Raw, June 24, 2019

As Drew McIntyre and Shane McMahon brutalize Roman Reigns in a 2-on-1 Handicap Match, The Deadman rises to even the odds.


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56 Responses

  1. KeAgod Moosnipe says:

    Goldberg: I’m officially retiring

    Undertaker: it should’ve been me

  2. Fábio Jericho Y2J says:

    The Undertaker is 100% in activity better Legendary 23-2 Streak Best wrestler in the world of wwf/wwe history. 😉

  3. Asma Asma says:

    Perfect pair of Roman reigns and undertaker

  4. Fábio Jericho Y2J says:

    Will be Tag Team Match: Undertaker and Roman Reigns vs. Drew and Shane in a Extreme Rules Match 😉

    • Freddy Krueger says:

      @Southwest Strangla He is a grown man, he can easily refuse if he wanted to.

    • Natalia Virtanen says:

      @Southwest Strangla this, even in this video when he chokesslams you can se his legs woble, he is a great wrestler but his time is over.

    • DCS tv says:

      Woah woah woah this isn’t the video games where u get what u want. This is WWE when they give you what u think u want but u hate

  5. arvind sharma says:

    Man seeing undertaker playing still feels we are young,,, love you Taker. Hero from , 90s, and past 2 decade’s.

  6. washi matsuki says:

    Much love for undertaker. So much respect for him.

  7. heshan senanayake says:

    There won’t be any WWE when undertaker retires ?

  8. The Power House says:

    Empty Seats of Stomping Grounds Brought back The Undertaker??

  9. casper says:

    1:31 classic soup bones by the undertaker ?

  10. Jordan H says:

    Terminator: i’ll be back

    Undertaker: hold my coffin

  11. Tube Sunny says:

    Extreme rules is going to be the best payperview of the year.

    • lauchlan walsh says:

      No actually ALL OUT will be the best PPV of the year

    • Herculean Learning says:

      It hurts me Everytime I see him wrestling. WWE had such a great superstars but they are all wasted. Hope HHH takeover WWE Company and trust me WWE won’t be same after HHH becoming chairman !!

    • Abdul Wasey says:


    • Lebiram Armendariz says:

      @Herculean Learning Triple H is the only one who could defeat AEW because AEW is hitting hard and so fast the prove is there ppv took just 15 minutes to sold IT out and I could tell that if this keeps on the same way there will be no more WWE in the future

    • La concourrence des bouteilles says:

      @Herculean Learning yeah, i hope so, hhh is very intelligent

  12. christiano Ronaldo says:

    Lesnar vs Reigns vs Undertaker
    Triple threat match…
    Cause Taker is the king of WrestleMania..but these two guys made undertaker to slay down at WrestleMania

  13. Thanush Suresh says:

    When undertaker comes trends on YouTube ?

  14. IT'S PRABHAS FAN says:

    Who will win’s Next Match?
    Roman& undertaker : like
    Drew& Shane Mc : Comment

    • THE Epic Will says:

      @Lebiram Armendariz Speak English properly kid

    • Ashley Croft says:

      Of course Roman & Undertaker. They will crush Shane and Drew. And i hope after extreme rules this better be the end of the shane and Drew brutalize Roman Reigns. I tbh people i hate that Shane mocked Roman’s moves.

    • Lebiram Armendariz says:

      @THE Epic Will come and make me Speak english properly kiddo

    • Brandon Robinson says:

      @Trianna Bates Long Live The Deadman

    • Craig Rhodes says:

      Don’t worry Roman will work most of the match I bet. To be fair Undertaker’s last tag team match was good when he and Kane faced DX so this match will be good to

  15. casper says:

    The ultimate teddy long meme. Tag team match playa. And the undatakah holla holla playa playa

  16. Ankush Sinha says:

    Thanks to undertaker for saving the ratings ??

  17. Sir Saiyed says:

    I thought you retired
    Undertaker:- “I’m still working on it…”


  18. SUBIKSHAN 007 says:

    Wrestlemania 33: Beaten by Roman
    Raw 2019: Comes to his aid

  19. snake olson says:

    WWE: Ratings are dropping, losing fans

    Undertaker: Hold my Urn

  20. Julia - I love sex :* TAP ON MY PHOTO :* says:

    Who will win’s Next Match?
    Roman& undertaker : like
    Drew& Shane Mc : Comment

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