The Undertaker returns: Raw 25, Jan. 22, 2018

The Undertaker returns: Raw 25, Jan. 22, 2018

On Raw’s 25th Anniversary, The Deadman emerges in WWE for the first time since his defeat to Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 33, live at the birthplace of Raw, the Manhattan Center.
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81 Responses

  1. ArminVonLiberty says:

    People, listen. He hasn’t declared retirement. If he did, there would be a huge celebration and send-off just for him. JR said, “was it a warning?” If it was a retirement speech, JR and King would’ve bid him farewell. Obviously Vince has something more in store for Taker.

    He doesn’t seem to be limping anymore so he’s in better shape, but we don’t want him to get killed in that ring. As a superfan of Mark, I truly hope he enters the 2019 HOF and hangs up the boots for good. His legacy is unmatched and he is one of the greatest, if not the greatest, of all time.

    • GrimRae says:

      Robert Nielsen Why do you think he was in pain?

    • Jeffrey Clifton says:

      Not really though.

    • Robert Nielsen says:

      Just the look on his face…it appeared _to me_ like he was grimacing in pain as he went down. Having said that, I haven’t watched wrestling regularly for a long time, so I don’t know if he always looked like that as he knelt down.

    • mirko rauschen says:

      Wwe said he is not retired

    • Jeffrey Clifton says:

      Nobody wants to let him be done. Everybody is greedy. “One more match” Why? Why one more? For a nostalgia trip?
      The man has GIVEN HIS LIFE for the business, and he remained loyal to the WWE all the way through. Why does he need to give us one more match?
      Let him go be with his family. Let the character go to rest.

  2. Mudasar Soomro says:

    Undertaker you’ll be missed always.. 💯

  3. Pahul Gaming says:

    From Wrestlemania 33 when he left his Gloves, Hat and Coat because he is not wearing them! #ThankYouTaker

  4. zee Zee says:

    It’s hard to let go of a character like undertaker.. even if u wanna let him go u don’t feel like it..#one more match

    • Forgotten Lawrence says:

      zee Zee imagine having to always do one more match…over n over, again n again

    • William Jonathan says:

      Forgotten Lawrence it’s probably because, the way he was sent out was fine… but the match wasn’t… I understand if he doesn’t do one more match tho

  5. bhawna soni says:

    I started watching wwe coz of that man! Fav since day 1

  6. Tarang Singh says:

    I Just Love You Taker………. Hit Like If Taker’s fans

  7. Shubham Kumar says:

    This is…..🔥🔥🔥🔥

    • Archit Nadkarni says:

      Sadly no

    • Rainbo Trail says:


    • Jovi Moore says:

      The deadman

    • Ishooloo Filmz says:

      Shubham Kumar I

    • Stephy Ro says:

      Omg this is awesome

  8. Shaw77eV says:

    Sting vs The Undertaker
    *WrestleMania 34*….book it Vince.

    • Shaw77eV says:

      Yavuz Selim Güleç WWE booked him to be a loser. You know what WWE does to the most legends like Goldust

    • Shaw77eV says:

      Derann Jenkins that match will be bad for WWE. We all want sting instead of Cena. Stings deserves his last match with Taker.

    • Lakers fan says:

      that match would be bad. the best part would be the entrances. both are way past their primes and they just cant put on a good match anymore especially undertaker. i thought sting looked great at NoC given his age but obviously undertaker cant even take bumps anymore. the best time to so that match was 13 years ago or at the latest 2011. its too late now

    • Medication102 says:


  9. innovative guy says:

    Plz cena vs taker😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭

  10. Aaqib Bashir says:

    He looks in good wrestling shape. What do you guys think.

  11. MR GAMER X says:

    but he didnt says anything about retirement

  12. sanam 2 says:

    I love u #taker plz back😭😭😭😭😭

  13. Broken Matt Hardy says:

    You will always going to be my favorite wrestler of all time.
    Is sad that I never got the chance to go to a show and see you wrestle. But I promise, when you will be inducted un the Hall of Fame , I will by the ticket and go to see it.

  14. Sanket World Wide says:


  15. ImYmInD says:

    2:45 When you’ve drinked to many energy drinks

  16. M.N.A.S EMPIRE says:

    wwe hall of fame 2018 plzz with goldberg

  17. Masked . says:

    My plan i hope this will happened :
    Kane will win because undertaker will help him cause you know undertaker hates brock ||||||||
    Then jeff will fight kane at the wrestlemania how awesome would that be lmaooooo

  18. Falbak says:

    Undertaker will go down in history as the greatest character of all time.

  19. Ghost Dragon says:

    They made him show up just to make him say goodbye properly.

  20. Ricky Armstrong Project says:

    I grow up watching undertaker from.his mean mark callaway to this gimmick this is a big part of my child memory #THANKYOUTAKER

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