The Undertaker sends a chilling warning to Triple H and Shawn Michaels: Raw, Sept. 3, 2018

The Undertaker sends a chilling warning to Triple H and Shawn Michaels: Raw, Sept. 3, 2018

The Phenom rises in response to Shawn Michaels’ belief that Triple H will defeat The Deadman at WWE Super Show-Down.

#RAW #SuperShowDown

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68 Responses

  1. Seth Freakin Rollins says:

    *Wrestlemania 27 vibes anyone?*

  2. Diaod says:

    2:40 you can hear a fan say “your career”πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  3. muhammad waqar says:

    When wwe rating is going down
    Vince: (calling undertaker) yeah I think we need u again

  4. Braun Strowman says:

    Results Are Clear
    WWE Supershow down
    The Undertaker Vs Triple- H
    So at the end Of The Match
    The Undertaker Tombstone To Triple-H
    But Suddenly Shawn Michaels Music Hits !!!
    And From the Back Shawn Michaels will Give Sweet Chin Music to The Undertaker
    And Then Triple-H Stands
    (After recovering from Tombstone)
    And Then Pedigree To The Undertaker !!
    1 , 2 and 3 The Game Will win The Match..
    And At last Shawn Michaels Will Challenged The Undertaker For The Last Time
    At Wrestlemania – 35 !!
    And at last The Best Segment Between The Undertaker And Shawn Michaels Will Start For The Last Time !!
    Oh yeah “””

  5. SeRious Sw0rd says:

    This is awesome

  6. Kurt Teo says:

    Wish undertaker’s streak would’ve never been broken 😒

  7. Freeh Freeh says:

    Who love the Undertaker???

  8. Shashwat Saini says:

    When u see the clear difference between that aura that HBK and UNDERTAKER still creates in comparison to the current WWE roster😜

  9. rajesh upadhyay says:

    If undertaker loses we are gonna riotttt!!!!!!!

  10. rajesh upadhyay says:

    Undertaker returns is the most used title in wwe videos😊

  11. FancyxToast says:

    Last week on raw: “hbk and undertaker next week on raw!”
    This week on raw: *undertakers music plays* “it cant be!”

    • THE COON HUNTER says:

      FancyxToast LMAO not only that but everyone knows taker vs triple h is gonna happen but we have to remember this show is noe geared towards children and grown Virgins that don’t have the brain to think about the remedial things this company does, i swear michale cole is the worst commentator in history they should’ve kept him baccstage getting punked by wrestlers

    • PES TRICK says:

      But Bro it it was supposed to be SHAWN MICHAELS only on raw. They never said Undertaker was gonna show up.

    • Ross Love says:

      Never advertised the Deadman. Just saw it on the dirt sheets

    • Woken Matt says:

      The Undertaker wasnt advertised. Just HBK

  12. Jay Brown says:

    So I’m guessing Shawn is retiring Undertaker this time.

    • the supermanisalive says:

      Jay Brown shawn michaels coming out of retirement just to retire again as a loser

    • Sreejith Ramadasan says:

      maybe he is doing what the undertaker wants…we saw again roman reigns and john cena the matches were not great so who can undertaker go to and get the best match out of him…and Shawn in recent interviews have said he is willing to wrestle older guys or people his age not guys who are like half his age..

  13. Abishek Bandi says:

    That one dong= goosebumps


    Triple H is game but the Undertaker is legend

    • Tony Savelli says:

      Yes and remember the age difference to .

    • guess 66 says:

      There both pretty much 1st Ballet HOF Legends. Except one is the Cerbral Assassin who always finds a way to get the job done and walk away with his hand held high while the other always keep coming back up until he has your soul and can no longer continue. That’s the best way I can describe these two, one always finds a way to win while the other can never stay down

    • Evan Mansfield says:

      Undertaker is going to beat triple H

  15. Venkatesh Mandlik says:

    Only person who has right to break the career or retire the dead man is hbk.

  16. Vishal Rao says:

    Hbk vs undertaker at wm 25 is the greatest match of all time

  17. Mike Simmons says:

    Sad that they are bringing people out of retirement to save what wrestling or so called entertainment they have left. Leave the good ones alone and let them bail themselves out

  18. ragii says:

    What a Promo.

    This is why the new guys can’t hang with the old guys.

  19. Zillon says:

    R.I.P – Triple H Career
    1995 – 2018

  20. Himanshu7 says:

    After all these years, still Taker and HBK have one of the best promos in the last 5 years. πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

    Current roster/generation…Now this is a promo…take notes an use them

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