The Unexplainable Disappearance of Dennis Martin – Missing 411

The Unexplainable Disappearance of Dennis Martin – Missing 411

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43 Responses

  1. Wendigoon says:

    Let Audible help you discover new ways to laugh, be inspired, or be entertained. New members can try it free for 30 days. Visit or text wendigoon to 500-500.

    • Theween says:

      I have a video of a radio interview of this case and tbh it scares me

    • Big Boi says:

      Hey wendigoon, when is that entirely of WW2 video coming out?

    • Pirate Johnson says:

      Here’s a link the a video about Dennis Martin done by a channel called “The missing Enigma”. I had well over 1million views:

    • Scooby Smokin Doobies says:

      Wendigoon my dad is a manager at dr enuf I might be able to really get you a sponsorship ship please message me

    • Жар-Птица Хз 🤷‍♀️ says:

      Hey wendi, something interesting that came to my attention while watching this video is the idea of there being portals to other dimensions/ to Agartha AKA “Hollow Earth” inside of national parks, and the reason why national parks mysteriously close on occasions is due to these reasons or other proposed supernatural phenomena. I don’t personally believe that he fell into Agatha or some supernatural event kicked him out of this world or messed with reality that caused him to “Zero Sum” out of reality but it’s just a thought that passed my mind while watching this video. A lot of people believe that Bigfoot also uses national park portals to travel across the world and that’s why you see sightings all over the world and national parks exist to cover up the portals and keep that territory kept in nature. So possibly the idea you mentioned of Bigfoot and this idea I have mentioned could be connected. Again I don’t believe it but it’s something to bring up.

  2. Charles says:

    To be honest, a lot of these cases under further scrutiny can be narrowed down to the parents not being a trustworthy source of adequate time keeping. What i mean by that is some parents will say ” I swear i was just watching him just a minute ago, and it may have even felt like just a second”. When in reality, they were not watching/paying attention for a much longer period of time, even 15-20 minutes longer then they thought they maybe did. The mind can play wierd tricks on itself , add survivors guilt, trauma, and the whole shabang, and youve got a perfect case of “time amnesia.”

    • JJ LFC says:

      @RxYouth nothing you just described equates to a mystery I hate to break it to you. A large number of small similarities doesn’t add up to any grand conspiracy. The similarities arise because of the terrain the disappearances happen in, there’s a reason there’s no missing 411 cases in large open clear spaces….

    • JJ LFC says:

      @Alan Watts care to explain my ‘claims’?

    • Peste says:

      @Sam ” that and they intentionally lie to cover up mistakes etc”
      Where is the proof?
      You people love to talk out of your ass, but in reallity, you’re just making assumptions.

    • Tyler Powell says:

      man i always wondered how accurate these parents statements were regarding specific amounts of time. like how can they be so sure ?

    • Zaraza says:

      @JJ LFC I don’t think it was something deliberate. Of course I don’t believe in the evil skunkape “hypothesis”, but it’s very likely that big mistakes (some of them honest, some not so much) happened. A coverup from the parents side in this situation at this point is too far-fetched, almost like a novel story. In real life people hardly go out of their way to such an extent for years, let alone decades.

  3. Yueievy says:

    I can’t help but marvel at the incredible self-control that Wendi displayed by calmly uttering the word “Giant”.

  4. Thomas says:

    How utterly heartbreaking it would be to lose a child on Father’s Day, forever associating a day of happiness with a traumatic loss.

  5. Breck Bilbrey says:

    I have a theory. I think a lot about this story is super weird and I think part of that has to do with how reporting and recording info was done at the time. In addition, as a kid I could make my way through brush and undergrowth that my parents couldn’t at all. It’s not inconceivable for small children to be able to navigate brush that seems impossible for adults. Anyways, here’s where the theory starts. First, it’s stated the boy had a slight disability but was still a relatively functional young man. At that time that could be a lot of things, but let’s assume it was ADHD or something similar for the theory. I think there may be a chance the boy wandered briefly into the forest as he just got bored waiting to scare the adults and needed to do something. Then he heard a call to come back, but the way echos in those mountains go, I’ve heard shouts from one direction that actually came from the exact opposite and I’ve personally walked off a few hundred yards before realizing my mistake. If he panicked and ran further into the underbrush thinking he was going back he could have made it to eagle creek. I just don’t understand why they never crossed that creek after finding the footprints. Their theory about green beret/ FBI involvement leading to no conclusion and they just didn’t report anything is likely, but still it’s a strange that there’s ZERO information on those three days. Unfortunately this doesn’t account for why he has never been found, unless he squeezed into a small crag or under a root system to keep warm and passed there in his sleep. Another is that a boy of that size wouldn’t be too hard for a mountain Lion to consume in more entirety than when they get adults. And if it pulled him into a den or a thicket, no one would ever find the random bones. This is just my attempt at rationalization though, and I know that it can b pretty easy for all these details to fit an entirely different story.

    Edit: i read the ranger report and there were heavy thunderstorms the night Dennis went missing that overloaded drainages and creeks briefly, and they mention the next day was very foggy for most of the day.

    • aaron primeaux says:

      @CJ Kane i have adhd hyperactive predominant, and on at least one occasion growing up i ended up in the forest next to the apartments where i lived at the time i think i was like 4 or 5. idk what made me want to go into the forest, part of me thinks of my tribe’s myth of little people who would take young children and teach them how to be medicine men or healer’s if im recalling it correctly. the funny thing is that iv always had a aptitude for medical knowledge and a strong urge to help others like im an EMT now, choctaw’s from what i recall viewed the little people as a good force, its just weird that i wound up pretty good ways into the forest when my mom found me and apparently i wasnt scared or crying or anything i was just standing there and i didnt tell her if i just wondered in or if i followed something and the whole adhd thing makes even more impossible for me to remember why i did it.

    • Breck Bilbrey says:

      @Kalevic I appreciate the feedback, and you’re probably right. Out of curiosity what’s you’re theory?

    • Kalevic says:

      Nah, you’re wrong.

    • CJ Kane says:

      @loli_ cvnt ADHD kids can end up in danger way more easily because they lack age appropriate impulse control

    • Cereal Guy says:

      I think with this theory, i can add to it saying, when going down to the creek, the reason he doesn’t have a shoe, is because the kid took it off to throw it at either a cougar or mountain lion before crossing the river thinking that the water will get the creature away. The green berets crossed the river, finding more evidence of what specifically happened. I do think also, they found his body, but he was already passed and horribly mutilated. Maybe because of that, they did report to the family like what they talked about, or left it up for debate and left the family to think he could still be alive somewhere.

  6. justkphlegm says:

    It’s pretty cool that Wendi has been playing around with different camera placement styles. It’s almost good at convincing us he’s not just a giant torso. Almost.

  7. Darkside780 says:

    It’s not completely impossible that Dennis is still hiding behind that bush. Waiting for his parents. To pop out and scare them.

  8. jay says:

    RIP to Dennis Martin, my heart goes out to his family. What a tragedy. Hope they found peace.

    • ICE ARMOUR says:

      The parents lost their son and never saw him again, how are they supposed to have found peace exactly? Just forget that they lost a child?

    • Spunktaneous CumBustion says:

      @S R. you really do never know. A girl went missing as a tot in Texas and was found 51 years later in NC. Til his body is confirmed to have been found, you can’t rule anything out

    • S R. says:

      @doug gaudiosi 4 year old is out in the woods by themselves for over 2 weeks, I doubt they’re alive.

    • doug gaudiosi says:

      They never found him he’s not dead

  9. error404 says:

    The Smokey Mtns are such a huge tourist attraction and money maker for TN, that I wouldn’t be surprised if they were trying to cover something up. Because I go to the Smokey’s every year and I had no idea that more people than just Dennis Martin had gone missing in those Mtns. It’s going to be so eerie now when I go hiking there.

  10. Korozola says:

    It took me an embarrassing amount of time to realize that when they were talking about “one bare footprint, one shoed footprint”, they didn’t mean that they saw a the print of a bear and a shoe.

    When Wendigoon asked “was the bare foot child sized?” I was thinking ‘what do we have child-sized bears involved in this story now? shit’

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