The Universal S

The Universal S

People from all over the world have been drawing this S-shaped symbol for decades yet no one seem to know anything about it. In this video I explore some of the popular origin theories and showcase my own findings after five years of on and off searching.


Jazz Spastiks – Bananas Instrumental

Fabien Tell – Never Before

Jazz Spastiks – Fresh Oranges Instrumental

Grant Newman – Last March of Heroes

Jazz Spastiks – Apples Instrumentals

Jon Björk – Divisive Alliance

Charles Holme – Informal Parameters

Fabien Tell – The Farmer

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53 Responses

  1. Totally Riffed says:

    “I brushed it off as failed attempts of lesser men”. The self awareness is humorous to say the least.

  2. 1000 Comments with under 400 subs challenge says:

    Every body gangsta till universal S conquer us all. 5:07

  3. eksdee says:

    So this video took like 3-4 years to make?

  4. Jayash Pandey says:

    “What does that ‘S’ stand for?”
    “It’s not an ‘S’. In my world, it means hope.”

  5. zaksor parkour says:

    *insert a generic comment about Lemmino’s video quality instead of discussing the topic of the video*

  6. Saketh Dss says:

    Whenever lemino uploads a video, the universal boredom constant decreases it’s value

  7. Niclas Martinsen says:

    This has litteraly become my favorite channel on YouTube. So much in depth work, done by one person. Keep up the good work!

  8. Dislexic-Woolf says:

    When I was growing up we called it the graffiti S so I always assumed that’s where it came from.

  9. Pro Neon says:

    You fools, that symbol represents a man meditating or doing yoga Watch carefully.

  10. Marcuri says:

    It is scary to know that ALL OF US drew that “S” from all over the world and no one knows where it comes from, i found it in one of my big sisters book and shes from the early 90s, thats how i got to draw it being from the late 90s. We must all keep it alive showing it to our kids.
    PS: imagine that this S is from like a really old cult who did terrible things and we just proudly drawing it hh
    And i also kinda hope well never know, its way cooler without knowing it

  11. Akhil Pisharody says:

    Did i just watch a 19 minute Lemmino video that gave me no knowledge whatsoever?

  12. HappY inc. says:

    its insane that so many people know this S. Im german and everybody used to draw it as well in primary school

  13. Vaidik says:

    That transition at 5:30 XD amazing…

    Btw the video quality and the amount of research done to compile this information is quite exhaustive

  14. Shimeih says:

    Im sure in Zimbabwe we drew that S as much as you did.. I remember our graffiti infested bathrooms in school ?

  15. PurrSalt says:

    I’ve always used it as the pattern, specifically to spice up my homework papers as a kid 🙂

  16. Drjrkouks _ says:

    Here in Greece EVERY kid made this in their schools but with the smile form and l was replaced by a palm tree you are SO accurate

  17. Daniel Shamsudinov says:

    I wish I had the dedication to anything as much as you do for a stupid doodle.

  18. Tuck says:

    Just think, some random guy was the first to ever do this now tradition

  19. S L U M B E R says:

    Like so he can see…. the symbol goes far back as 1533 where it can be seen in the painting “the ambassadors” by Hans Holbein the younger … you can see the symbol if you zoom in to the table . The “S” appears sideways

  20. GaBIT says:

    please like so LEMINO will see: the symbol firstly appears in the ancient Dacian culture (on the territory of current Romania). It’s at least 2200 years old. It is a part of the Solar Cult and it’s actually a spiral most commonly known as Carligul Ciobanului (The Shepard’s Hook) and it represents the idea of bringing back something that was lost. You can google this: “cultul solar” in google images.
    You can still find it on embroideries on some clothes in Romania.

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