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Steve Caporal

Intro song:
AllttA – AllttA (20syl & Mr. J. Medeiros) –


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61 Responses

  1. CaseyNeistat says:

    how many times do i say ROBUST in this video? a robust amount of times.. rubust use of the word robust. ROBUST VIDEO.

    • House Music says:

      ANOTHER Video of how CAA is responsible for Brand Theft and Brand infringement. You Casey are a pawn on a very very bad business chess board.. You are a bad entertainer. You are a thief of brands, a liar and a cheater to many companies that have families.. You are wrong! You are bad CASEY NEISTAT!

    • House Music says:


    • House Music says:

      Your going to lose everything no matter how well off you think you are. My old money is stronger than yours. Cheaters and Liars never win! You can’t lie about other peoples products!

    • [HGC]Nanohana says:

      You need a casio pro trek

  2. Husnain Siddique says:

    What is brand name of watch watch ?? Please mantion. 🙂

    • LimitedWard says:

      If you’re looking for a cheap quartz watch, Timex is really great. Cheap automatic watches (they don’t need a battery because they “charge” with the movement of your wrist throughout the day), check out Seiko 5 watches.

    • Dinesh Kalani says:

      Even i want to know the model of watch watch..

  3. How To Do Stuff says:

    GARMIN for the win 🚴🏃⛹️🏋️🚴🚵🚣🤸🤽🤾🤹

  4. Jay Malone says:

    When trying to decide on a smartwatch, I think the first question should be what kind of phone and other gear do you plan to use with it. While all the smartwatches have great features…without the ecosystem…are they really that beneficial? As a MacBook, iPhone, and iPad user…the Apple Watch is the only smartwatch I considered. Simply because of the ecosystem.

    • boko says:

      K Danny Right? I want Jobs back so bad.. My problems are mostly with the MacBooks and their OS. iOS is great, but the phones themselves aren’t getting much better every year which is fine because they’re already great phones. My 6 Plus got the touch disease and they expected me to pay $300 for that repair, which I ended up getting for free but I’m sure thousands of others just paid for it. And I just got my MacBook Pro repaired 2 years outside of warranty because I hassled them on that too, it was a $600 free repair and now I’m selling it lol. I went through hell for that repair though, but I was having all sorts of issues I won’t go into detail with. I just think OSX is a bloated operating system nowadays which the latest OS is supposed to fix a lot of those issues, and I think Apple continues to use cheaper parts but charge the same premium they always have. I also have an issue with the latest MacBook Pros being thinner than ever but having thermal issues and CPU throttling. Again from a power user standpoint such as myself, I would take a little thicker machine that runs like it should. I’m building a PC within a week so then I can comment on that, but the Android switch really wasn’t bad at all and I expect the same for Windows. Plus I’ll be able to run the latest games at 120+ frames at high graphics whereas with my $2500 Pro I can’t even run Fortnite at 15 FPS, pretty sad. That being said Final Cut Pro and Photoshop open up in half a second when opened at the same exact time, it’s still a great machine. Apple has just pissed me off too much lately and I’ve made it passed the point of no return. If they do better in the future I will gladly switch back but I highly doubt it with Tim Crook.

    • Parker Argyle says:

      My all time favorite is the Pebble. Apple and Android, 7 days battery life, weather, speech to text, and cheap. It still works like a dream after the company shut down thanks to a team of ex-devs that made their own servers and picked up where pebble left off.

    • A Snake says:

      To be realistic, ecosystem doesn’t really matter with a Smartwatch. Nobody would want or should expect to be playing games, reading books or browsing the internet on a smartwatch, and both Apple and Galaxy have the other, more essential apps covered.

    • Jay Malone says:

      A Snake being able to play music on my iPhone and listen on my AirPods while adjusting the volume on my Apple Watch the getting a call and answering it on my watch the whole time I’m sending iMessages on my MacBook Pro….ecosystem means a lot to me.

    • Devon J says:

      boko  Of course I don’t own an expensive watch. While I’m fine with Apple I do hate how they could’ve made the xs cost $900 instead of a $1000 and actually include a f**king fast charger. Yea I do listen to other ppl

  5. LifeOfTwinz says:

    gonna be honest I miss mail time!

  6. Tacos & Gold Chainz says:

    Yay, here comes Casey’s biased review of Smartwatches. Let me guess……the Samsung Watch is the best smart watch 🤨😏

  7. Rishabh Kumar says:

    Apple watch wins this by a substantial margin.

  8. Michael Bacon says:

    Hey CaseyNeistat how about reviewing an actual Android Wear OS watch next?????

  9. WАТСН МY H0T VIDE0 TAP ME says:

    CaseyNeistat 💖

    What about the G-SCHOCK ?! Is it already dead ? Sorry Casey 🙄🙄

  10. Robbie Backpacking says:

    I’m a Samsung man through and through. Unless that watch explodes on me haha.

  11. Salt and Pepper Adventures says:

    Basically we just watched you, watch you on a watch while watching a vid on watches….

  12. Jason Coffee says:

    Spoiler ALERT 🚨

    he never tells you which Smart Watch is best

  13. Happy Facts Lifestyle says:

    One word sums this video up…..Robust!

    Edit: D’Oh, Casey beat me to it 😀

  14. SolRayne says:

    *Casey, hello from Kazakhstan!* *You are the best!*

  15. The Enthusiasm Project says:

    I’m currently having a love affair with the Apple Watch Series 4.

  16. EverydayTechnology says:

    The only reason that I don’t feel that the Apple Watch really is the best overall smart watch is because you also have to by at least a $300 iPhone to go with it.

  17. Sammy ! says:

    *I think you need to buy 2 more different color markers!*

  18. Vo-Gus Prospecting says:

    I literally look at the sun and its relation to the horizon and can guess the time to within a few minutes. Skillz, you know haha

  19. Jake Jones says:

    I like this review because you reviewed the watches from a practical/ everyday perspective not just from a tech one, thanks Casey 👍

  20. BabesTV says:

    Apple Watch is the best!
    *who wants to be youtube friends btw need more <3*

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