The Very Suspicious Disappearance of Caitlin Denison – Feat. Her Sister

The Very Suspicious Disappearance of Caitlin Denison – Feat. Her Sister

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Dear Midland Police Department,
My name is (YOUR NAME), and I am reaching out to respectfully request your assistance and cooperation in the investigation of Caitlin Denison. I ask that her case be moved up on your priority list, and that the case file be released to her family. 
I appreciate your time and consideration.

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27 Responses

  1. grunge princ3ss says:

    This case is local to me and hasn’t gotten anywhere near enough coverage. Thank you SO much for sharing her story and getting in contact with her sister ❤️

    • J O says:

      Was it in the news?

    • Pamela S says:

      Same! I live in Odessa and I haven’t seen anything about this case

    • Julia Lee says:

      @J O I live in reno Nevada, where she is from & originally went missing, & I have never seen anything on the local news about her besides the door bell case. I really only know about this case because she was a friend of a friend in like middle school so I saw other people & her sister posting about her.

    • Adrienne Anderson says:

      @F Sheld sometimes being a woman attract creeps. Because it’s also that simple. Maybe men should stop being creeps. DUH. 🥴 I hope you don’t have children💕

    • Colleen1994 says:

      @F Sheld no the truth is no one should hurt another person no matter the siduation…if your here to just say “she did sex work so she deserves this” then just go her family doesn’t need to see that…their hurting an don’t need some ass hat telling them their friend deserves this because of how she chose to support herselfz…also creeps will attack anyone dosnt matter if your a sex worker or not…stop pretending their not the true villains here

  2. Brittany Baines says:

    Her background shouldn’t matter. She is a person, a human being, and should be given the same amount of effort in finding her as they would anyone else. Praying for y’all!

    • Casey Reed says:

      @F Sheld You’ve got to be kidding. No one deserves what happened to her. What a disgusting thing to say.

    • Vicky Isthicciana says:

      @F Sheld u shouldn’t judge get a life

    • Britt Ricozzi says:

      @F Sheld literally you & the 9 people that liked your ignorant comment are exactly what Kendall Rae is talking about when she kindly asks please don’t be rude and disrespectful. What if she were your family member or friend?

    • Getta Petta says:

      @F Sheld
      No one sets out to be sex workers. It’s something people do out of desperation. Being attractive can help her eat. I’ve literally read of women trying to feed their kids and keep a roof over their heads. The video from the organization called. GEMS “Very Young Girls”. It’s a complicated road that gets them there and it often starts with abuse from a dangerous man.

    • Ramon Sims says:

      @F Sheld WOW

  3. Hadassah says:

    No matter what someone’s occupation or personal struggles there is NO EXCUSE for someone else to hurt them. No one deserves to be hurt by another, full stop. Everyone missing deserves the attention to be found. I hope the family and her friends are able to find some answers and more sympathetic investigators asap.

  4. Cael J. Harden says:

    Such a devastating case. Props to the sister and the friend for not giving up. Definitely the kind of friend/sibling you want in your life.

    What it sounds like to me is sex trafficking. The guy she was at Walmart with most likely sold her into it and then dipped when the police came around. I really really hope she’s okay and will be able to get back home safely. She’s such a beautiful girl and her past or her profession shouldn’t matter even a tiny bit. She’s a human being that doesn’t deserve to be swept under the rug like that.

    • Heather Like the Weather says:

      That is what I’m thinking. She was sold into it. Walmart’s are a hot slot for that.

    • Sydney A says:

      for real. unfortunately being part of the sex work industry makes you vulnerable to human trafficking, far more than the average person. i’m not even going to get into how this intersects with certain groups being more disadvantaged and therefore more vulnerable than others, which is part of why we need to treat people with compassion regardless of their “lifestyle”. point is, y’all could be watching her being forced to “perform” on sketchy p0rn sites and not even know it. these things happen and i agree with u cael that this explanation is very plausible

  5. DaisyRae15 says:

    Breaks my heart. She is a human being. And doesn’t deserve whatsoever has happened to her. I hope she is found, alive would be amazing.

  6. southernbellechef says:

    When you said “people give police false info just to troll.” My heart dropped. People can be so nasty for no reason. Is there a petition we can sign to get the government to look more deeply into the case?

  7. Dam says:

    Everybody matters. Doesn’t matter what kind of lifestyle choices they have made. We are talking about lives here. I hope these lovely people get some answers soon about their dear loved one. Hope she is ok too.

    • BloodyHellKatie says:

      Dam, whyre you everywhere

    • Sweet Insanity says:

      Sooo…you’re telling me that “all lives matter?” Huh…who would’ve thought.

    • Sandra🦋 says:

      Yes, no matter what. People love her and they’re scared and no doubt suffering terribly 😔💘

    • Sandra🦋 says:

      @Seth Right. Anyone’s daughter could possibly do this or try it. It only takes that one time. Can’t really judge. Kids do stuff parents aren’t always aware of.

    • SayderCascading says:

      ​@Sweet Insanity Just jumping in to let you know the All Live Matter “movement” is completely unnecessary and was created to actively combat Black Lives Matter. I’m sure you’ve heard this analogy before, but saying “Save Blue Whales” doesn’t mean “Fuck Every Other Fish In The Sea”, and creating a “Save The Goldfish” movement when goldfish are doing perfectly fine while blue whales are endangered is an action that actively negatively effects saving blue whales.

  8. Emma Cairns says:

    She mattered simply because she breathed. She’s a person who was deeply loved, she deserves justice.

  9. Buddy Webb says:

    Caitlin wasn’t the only woman that traveled to Midland and went missing. Krystal Hall, who looked a lot like her, came here in Oct 2019, and was never seen again. I’ve made several videos about this.

  10. TimeBucks says:

    Caitlin is SO lucky to have a sister like her.

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