‘The View’ Addresses ABC News Executive Placed on Leave Over Alleged Racist Comments | The View

‘The View’ Addresses ABC News Executive Placed on Leave Over Alleged Racist Comments | The View

The co-hosts discuss ABC News placing executive Barbara Fedida on leave and launching an investigation following accusations of racist and insensitive comments.

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106 Responses

  1. Jupiter Skye says:

    They meant paid administrative leave. That’s the new vacation in America now.

  2. Dino Rei says:

    Curiosity: In Portuguese ,Fedida means Stinky.
    I never thought a surname like this could ever exist.

  3. Passion Black1 says:


  4. Marcus B 1999 says:

    I’m so sorry to you Sunny for getting these racist attacks against you and your colleagues. No one should have to go through this pain. I hope this investigation proves to have a good outcome for you and all your colleagues. Everyone may have different views politically, but one thing I know we all agree on is that racism has no place in society.

    • Kdtm Kdtm says:

      Marcus B 1999 Precious Williams it’s all fake bulshit!
      Remember when there was a “story” that one of the E! Reporters was underpaid? The only ones pushing that story was ABC.. who owns E!? ABC network!
      You see how they’re pushing message that large corporation CEOs are overpaid? No S&P500 CEO makes more than $15M per year, while CEO at Disney (ABC parent) last year made over $45M.. each of these ladies makes over $10M/year, while all of their team members makes barely sex figures.. Ellen Degeneres cash salary last year was $50M.. again, their own actions do not match the message..
      Google “Disney major stockholder” and see, it’s run by VANGUARD GROUP & BlackRock.. both Rotchilde & Rockefeller entities..
      they are splitting us to create crisis, keep us busy hating one another while they run the show & our life’s..

    • NolanCho says:

      Poor fake sunny milking this. She needs to address her real issues of jealousy and narcissism and toxic marriage.

  5. Precious Williams says:

    Hearing Sunny talk about this experience, you can tell that she is deeply disheartened by Barbara’s disgusting rhetoric!! What’s done in the dark will ALWAYS come to the light, ESPECIALLY NOW! #EnoughIsEnough

    • Cat named Bitches says:

      All the democratic cities are in state of chaos…they know how to destroy their constituents livelihood and take away their only protection from psychos police….not all police are evil…watch them blame TRUMP FOR EVERYTHING THAT WENT WRONG….FYI HILLARY LOST HER APPEAL IN COURT WHY DOESN’T THE MEDIA MENTION THAT? OR HOW HER CLOSE ASSOCIATES HAPPEN TO COMMIT SUICIDE 54 TIMES? I DON’T WANT TO COMMIT SUICIDE

    • Barbie Coffey says:

      Exactly ! Amen and Amen

    • Ronetta Wilson says:

      Precious Williams That’s RIGHT!!!!!!

    • Wendy Will says:

      @tia bee To me it is not normal for all people to not enjoy the same rights and privileges.
      There have been a lot of things through history that are beyond Racist…things that were horrifying. Having slaves..trying to exterminate an entire race.
      I was lucky to be able to go to school my whole life with children/teachers of different races, religions and sexualities.
      I was raised to believe we are all equal.
      With the Protesting going on right now…I have hope the whole Country can take a big step closer to equality.

    • Wendy Will says:

      @Diva Den 👍

  6. Leonaza7 says:

    They should terminate her admin leave doesn’t go far enough.

  7. Daniela dos Santos Silva says:

    Whoopi’s comments were so contradictory: “I dont think she is a racist”. “Racists, we know you”? ..I mean…what? So, its all a lie?

  8. K Morgan says:

    I’m sorry she should be fire and we can sort out the rest

    • Vernon Moses says:

      That really messed up.

    • Danny Dragon says:

      Yea let’s not just fire someone over hear say. If multiple people see it or is also experienced it because most than not that person isn’t the only one .

    • Kira S. says:

      You gotta investigate before you fire someone. Otherwise, if it turns out they didn’t do what they were accused of, they can sue for wrongful termination and get a HUGE amount of money. Plus it would look bad for the company. So they gotta investigate first and make sure.

  9. Druchk says:

    Isn’t administrative leave just fancy words for paid vacation?

  10. Sayruhhh GraceFace says:

    Sunny had about 1000+ different words she wanted to use besides the intellectual and respectful ones that she did. I’m so proud of her poise and elegance. We love you Sunny.

    • Toshia Jackson says:

      Liane Lopez sounds like you’re jealous of her … get over it. Everyone knows she’s a full package. Maybe you should take notes so you can shine like she does. Praying for you sis.

    • MultiHLH says:

      I don’t.

    • 11STARFIRE says:

      @Liane Lopez
      Why is Sunny wrong when Barbara Fedida created a hostile work environment from her actions and words.

    • 11STARFIRE says:

      What exactly makes you dislike Sunny? Your comment sounds like you have a personal axe to grind with her.

    • Fifer McGee says:

      Sunny is a real professional and showed her poise as a lady. This other woman is a nothing, she appears to be a racist and should be removed from her job. What gall to call Sunny and Robin Roberts such degrading names, disgusting absolutely disgusting. Is she a Republican by change?

  11. warrtiger9780 says:

    so… guess this allegation is true cause that’s how they’re treating it.

    • Tim Marshall says:

      Whoopi is being measured and waiting to hear a response and some proof

    • Phoenix rising says:

      Yep. Allegations seem to be the truth these days dont they? Makes no sense. What happened to innocent until proven guilty? If true it is awful for sure, but let’s wait for the facts imo.

  12. Josie Tetreault says:

    “I have a dream…where they will be judged not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character .”

    • Maria Freitas says:

      @Vernon Moses lol she deserves she’s not a pleasant person to be around people may pretend to like her but behind her back despise her can’t stand her all she does is divide us with that racist card should be a black vp there’s more qualify people the best person should be pick not because of her skin color she only voted for Obama because he look black we all know he’s half white raised by white people black people had nothing to do with his upbringing 😁

    • SA PAX says:

      @11STARFIRE” I had a dream” that black women will figure out what birth control is and stop giving birth to children with no fathers seems 75 out of every 100 dont have a father. Used to be 23% in the 60s. Let’s start there America.

    • Gypsy soul says:

      @11STARFIRE George floyd death was a personal murder but everyone turned it into a racist murder crime 🤦‍♀️

    • sgtslaughter21 says:

      Then…you woke up

    • Green Giant says:

      Tell it to the black racists and Democrats who all keep attacking white people.

  13. Hannah says:

    Whoopi out here defending racists again. Tone deaf to say “I don’t think she’s a racist” whilst Sunny is hurting.

    • Karla Becerra says:

      She only accuses them of being racist when it’s someone who she doesn’t like or who can help or hurt her career.

    • Tim Marshall says:

      No she isn’t!
      She spoke on her past experience of Fedida and said that it didn’t make her think the woman had capacity for racism BUT she will see if these statements are proven because that would mean she should be fired and would change Whoops opinion.

      You can still say that a statement / quote is horrible and you feel for Sunni and not yet know if it happened or is someone trying to take Fedida out – Whoopi explained that she has had a false allegation of her own to deal with in the past and that she is cautious now

    • Tim Marshall says:

      @Shaquena Horace they are talking about two different versions of Fedida. Whoopi is talking about the person she knows and who was quickly suspended and Sunni is talking about a version of Fedida who said all those horrible things and we don’t yet know if the latter version of Fedida even exists. Due process and giving the accused a fair hearing is extremely important

    • Tim Marshall says:

      @Wake up no she didn’t. It was more subtle than that and probably occurred years before the people here in the comments (on average) were even born

    • Kelley Johnson-Lee says:

      You ls So Right Whoopi ls A Supporter
      Whoopi ls On Barbera Side I’m At Home Watching The View And l Can See Whoopi Siding With The Other Person Who Said That Racist evil Words Against “IM BLACK AND IM PROUD”

  14. Ahmad Russell says:

    Whoopie sipping that ABC tea

  15. MARSHA THOMAS says:

    When someone shows you who they are believe them. She’s a racist for saying what she said.

  16. Radio Killed The Video Star says:

    Whoopi just tap danced all over her answer. That lady is racist af but carry on.

  17. Niles D. says:

    In Portuguese, Fedida literally means Stinky.

  18. Shannon Legg says:

    Can we stop using the word systemic? It’s been run into the ground. It’s fng racism. Just use that. RACISM

    • Lil Schleep says:

      Bag of hot chips systemic racism is racism literally built into the system that we as people live under. An example would be Jim Crow laws or you could even make an argument that red lining was systemic(it was). However people do misuse the term systemic racism today. There isn’t in the United States of America’s happily.

    • Kln Kat says:

      Systemic is the nebulous term that people use when there is zero concrete proof of racism in a department or institution. It is used to tar everyone with the same brush for political power purposes.

      However, there are, and will always be, individual racists hiding in large groups. Unfortunately, those who loudly promote themselves as supporters of blacks and Latinos are the most racist as a whole – liberal white women and Democrat politicians who think they own the black vote but never change anything. Actual Sociology studies data proves that Democrats will use dumbed down language when speaking to minorities whereas Republicans use the same language for all groups. A twitter post this week from a Progressive white woman “ally” said we should use small words since inner city blacks are not as smart because of poor schools. I’ve never heard such demeaning, racist comments before.

      Democrats have had the black vote for 6 decades, a President for 8 years that did nothing but add more entrapping Welfare to keep the inner city cage strong. They throw more money at schools which does nothing to improve learning, it just increases the size of administrators and city council’s wallets. The police and Teacher’s unions, Democrat strongholds forever, keep badly performing members in front of our kids and patrolling our neighborhoods.

      The murderer of George Floyd had 17 prior excessive violence complaints that were dismissed by the union and the DA’s office, including Amy Klobuchar when she was there.

      We need new blood. Hate Trump for clumsy rhetoric if you will, but his many inner city and minority programs have already helped rectify over sentencing and gotten hundreds out of jail earlier. Priority Zones gave inner city residents entrepreneurial opportunities startups that were wildly effective. He gave HBCs a billion dollar fund and an office in the Whitehouse. He’s all action. Obama passed up this opportunity and did nothing pisitive after the Baltimore riots but egg them on with inflammatory, emotional rhetoric.

      We need to give a new look at the party that was created to end slavery in the first place. Maybe having Hollywood and the entire media as an shadowy arm of the DNC is not such a good thing when they twist every word and action of an imperfect but sincere man who put more poor people back to work, earning more faster than any other economic sector while paying less taxes than ever before in history.

      95% of what you think you know about Trump is a DNC dirty tricks campaign pushed by their allies in media, Hollywood, Social media giants and higher Education that is ruled by the 8% of America most racist of all – Progressive Marxist activists. They are determined to blow up everything good about America in order to destroy the 15% bad that we continually have attempted to reform, often effectively. Like the 7000,000 white Americans who died in the Civil War in order to end slavery, we also changed our founding document to make racist programs illegal and put an end to the Democrat KKK, less than 1,300 still exist according to the FBI.

      We can still tighten up those laws, but mostly we need to get rid of activist Progressive judges and DAs who let things slide and are too lenient. They want a race war. We don’t. We want concrete actions taken to deter it whenever we find actual racism, not hoaxes like Jussi Smollet. It isn’t hard to find with good investigation rather than emotional political witch hunts.

      A good start would be to reform or disband Police and Teacher’s unions. We need the 95% good police.

    • Fifer McGee says:

      Agree, plain and simple racism.

    • Coyote Prophet says:

      We will use whatever words we need to to speak the truth of what’s out here. If you don’t like it, get over it!

    • Kwum aix says:

      can we stop omitting the word white and call this what it is?.. white racism!!!

  19. vegetable highland says:

    Whoopieeeeee stop it. She got caught some of those who are racist will smile in your face

    • 11STARFIRE says:

      Whoopi did the same thing when Mel Gibson got caught twice drunk & sober being a racist to Blacks and Jews

    • Gold & Diamond Mind Gold & Diamond Mind says:

      Where the he@k is this woman from, this executive, she frickin stands on the backs and shoulders of Black people and the Civil Rights Movement for everything her mean, vicious back side has. Wonder who this woman is.

    • Gold & Diamond Mind Gold & Diamond Mind says:

      @11STARFIRE Yep, she sure did.

  20. Big Dbo 49 says:

    Black people are always so forgiving but no one ever forgives us 👤

    • Maryluvs Music says:

      U can say that again!!!!

    • Alexia Landa says:

      Because people of color have suffered and know the struggle. We have empathy which is quality that some people lack. Empathy is beautiful human quality.

    • Steven Kerry says:

      @Alexia Landa yes, it is, but unless you have the smarts and strength to communicate your boundaries with people empathy and kindness are not always respected . Kindness and empathy are viewed by some people as a sign of weakness or a character trait to be taken advantage of; this is one of the great tragedies of human life.

    • Lee Roberts says:

      Preach !!

    • James says:

      Really how about homophobic Kevin Hart!

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