“The View” Co-Hosts React to Derek Chauvin Verdict| The View

“The View” Co-Hosts React to Derek Chauvin Verdict| The View

Co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Sara Haines, Sunny Hostin and Meghan McCain react after a Minneapolis jury found the ex-officer guilty on all three counts in the death of George Floyd.

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55 Responses

  1. Dittzx says:

    Derek Chauvin ​Face: ” I am really getting convicted, WTF ” 🥴

  2. batgurrl says:

    Whoopi was quite eloquent and Joy totally on point about thanking Daniella Frazier for holding her camera steady and documenting the incident. If it weren’t for her there would haven’t been a trial.

    • batgurrl says:

      @BLACK TOP MINDED it happens to the best of us. As you know, there are actually people who ARE stupid, and not just trolls and I ‘loose it’🙏🖖😂😂

    • 4K Frank says:

      There were multiple recordings of the incident. A woman viewing the incident on camera live called 911. Also, the body cam footage which showed the entire 37 minute encounter was never shown in the media. You and your ilk are ignorant with a woke mob mentality, and it’s ruining this country.

    • FBI says:

      There wouldn’t have been 9+ months of riots either…

    • FBI says:

      *largest minority is an oxymoron,. Smh…. And the smallest minorities aren’t the greatest contributors to the economy. I do agree that the Spanish population helps the economy a crap ton ngl

  3. Mats says:

    “George Floyd’s heart was not too big, Derek Chauvin’s heart was too small.” That’s what Blackwell said and I agree.

  4. 369 Rising says:

    Let’s recognize, thank, and award Daniella for doing what she had to do for the people despite how it must have traumatized her to do so.

    • The View says:

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    • Earon kilgo says:

      No manslaughter charge

    • Earon kilgo says:

      The people should have jumped on them cops doing what they did to that guy

    • Earon kilgo says:

      to get money for what that use to be cop did to there family member

  5. Dee Bro says:

    I love how they kept talking about floyds drug use, and not 1 time mentioned chauvins 19 complaints

    • Olamidun O. says:

      @TheLuscious My sentiments exactly, for him taking the stand would have been tantamount to incriminating himself. The prosecution would have asked these questions.

    • African Child says:

      @yarbie57 I heard it’s because they have big engines vs the white men, who feel threatened and insecure about it and fear losing women to black men

    • Vianna Namaki says:

      @Randy Couch no he didn’t that was a false accusation to defend the police officer. Does it not bother you that CHILDREN saw a man die slowly? He was a person too and did not deserve this. I was traumatized when I saw the video of him dying, imagine the people seeing it in person. The Black Lives Matter movement isn’t doing anything wrong, they are trying to tell people what they want and police constantly used tear gas, rubber bullets, mace, and tasers. The capital was raided and they did not lay a finger on the people who broke windows, stole items, harassed people, and literally killed someone.

    • Free The Dee says:

      He loved his drugs more then his family. He loved his drugs more then being a role model to his daughter. He chose drugs over his daughter. George’s choices in life put him under that knee. When he chose drugs over his daughter he took his daughters life away. He put a knee over his daughters quality of life.

  6. Mama McFreeman says:

    The fact that we as citizens can watch someone be slowly murdered and the only thing we can do is record it unless we want to be murdered too shows the imbalance of power.

    • FBI says:

      You would think a 25 yo man could take care of himself…

    • FBI says:

      *same with being trans*

    • The View says:

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    • Becky G says:

      He would still be alive had he not resisted.

    • Cnc custom Wood works says:

      There’s nothing else to do!!if you push or even if you touch the police officer it counts like assault an officer you can get some really fucked up charges trying to help someone in that situation

  7. Julie Moore says:

    All those witnesses are going to need mental health support especially the young ones.

  8. Melissa Upton says:

    George Floyd’s girlfriend said when she first met him she was upset and crying, and he asked her, “Can I pray for you?” That says a lot about the kindness of this man.

  9. Jay Bird says:

    What bothers me is, the original police report read: “Man dies after medical incident! Ambulance was called and he died in the hospital! They would have gotten away with it if it wasn’t for the video recording! Smh!!

  10. June's Outside Contact says:

    We must end Qualified Immunity! They shouldn’t be able to hide behind the blue wall of silence.

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