‘The View’ Co-Hosts React To Donald Trump Elected As President

‘The View’ Co-Hosts React To Donald Trump Elected As President

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20 Responses

  1. Αντώνης Antonis says:

    Candace is a selective Christian.

  2. Caped Baldy says:

    thats so funny that candace brings up God after she voted for a racist
    piece of trash like bitch who invited you?

  3. Terri Leonard says:

    So when is Whoopi moving to Canada?

  4. Rand Paul says:

    whoopie so when are you moving? you gotta keep your word

  5. howard33072 says:

    These bitches just need to buy their tickets & head out of the country.

  6. GG Jones says:

    When is Whoopis black ass moving out of this country??

  7. Molochkai says:

    Wow this show is ridiculous and could use a bit of a IQ lift. Maybe a new
    panel is in order. There was only one balanced personality on there.

  8. B Diz says:

    What is whoppie doing there? she said she was leaving the country if trump

  9. De N says:

    I was never a Hilary fan but my God, what have we done? I’ve looked at a
    lot of the comments on various articles and I see such bigotry and hatred
    that it’s simply heartbreaking, but more importantly it is telling of why
    Trump is the president elect. I feel like the bad guy won. This guy has no
    experience, no military background, doesn’t pay taxes, has insulted all
    types of people, tweets late at night to put people down, has an economic
    plan that even Republican economists say doesn’t make sense, has at least a
    dozen women accusing them of sexual assault, has policy ideas that aren’t
    even legal, and yet…..he won.

  10. Mr Trench says:

    you said you were gonna leave the country if he wins so LEAVE! DRAIN THE

  11. DustinBowyerOfficial says:

    Candace seems like a nice girl, but she fucking annoys me.

  12. AprilRose says:

    Did you buy your plane tickets whoopi? You said you were going to Canada if
    Trump won so , see ya!

  13. orando15 says:

    I don’t know how I’m able to be proud to be an American when I have a
    President who doesn’t like Mexicans(I’m one), have immigrant family
    members, & have close friends who are Muslims.

    Just because Trump won does not mean we/I should forget about all the
    hateful stuff he has said to my heritage & others as well.

  14. Atomsky Jahid says:

    Feel the Bern!

  15. Banks Homestead says:

    It makes my heart so warm to see these evil people so miserable!

  16. Hungry Zorra says:

    bitch!!! praying ain’t going to save America !!!

  17. ONLYthroughTHECROSS says:

    Whoopie is a lunatic! She’s an old hag.

  18. Nicholas Ralph Baum says:

    Can you say indictments? Many-many indictments are a comin!


    maybe Donald won’t be so bad maybe he’ll be a great President

  20. Cyprien Cole says:

    Whoopi Goldberg, Please don’t forget your promise to move.