The Villain Pub – Palpatine’s Quarantine

The Villain Pub – Palpatine’s Quarantine

Palps has to lockdown the pub to enforce social distancing and learns the challenges of entertaining himself.
#HISHE #StayHome #WithMe
————- Credits —————-
Produced By – Tina Alexander
Directed By – Daniel Baxter

Daniel Baxter
Nicholas Hausmann

Character Art – Daniel Baxter
Background Art – Otis Frampton

Daniel Baxter
Stephanie Fisher
John Tillman

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64 Responses

  1. How It Should Have Ended says:

    How’s your cabin fever going?

  2. The Nothing Nobody says:

    Let’s look at everyone:

    Loki: God/frost giant, most likely immune to coronavirus
    Zod: Kryptonian, probably immune? If not, still could be dangerous for him to cough due to his broken neck, so definitely at risk if he caught it.
    Palpatine: Human, but can resurrect from the dead or something, so not a real issue for him.
    Voldemort: Human, but as long as he has a horcrux he’s immune to dying anyways, so not a threat.
    Joker: Human, normal person, definitely at risk simply on that. Depending on which Joker he is, he could be at much higher risk.
    Bowser: Technically a turtle, and so far evidence shows that animals cannot get it.
    Thanos: He’s an Eternal-Deviant, so probably immune.
    HAL 9000: Computer, immune to diseases that ravage our weak fleshy bodies.
    Jaws: Shark, probably immune, also going out of his way to avoid eating people due to worries about catching it.

    • Neil_Nice says:

      Alien, Predator, Terminator all immune too.


      Aidan they are still wizards. If they can cast spells then they are wizards.

    • Minershrub says:

      Problem is that people carry the virus and can infect others- 25 percent of people get the virus, never know, and can spread it to their loved ones who can get it much worse.

    • David Harning says:

      Not to be the guy, but the reasoning for quarantine isn’t to protect yourself, but it’s to keep those that are vulnerable to it safe. So despite all these guys being immune, they need to stay home to keep those that aren’t safe.

    • nena maciak says:

      Loki: makes a club that’s is 1000 times better and palpatine is now a homeless guy with no friends no family no nothing no home and he realizes because how he treated everyone and made fun of them can you please tell me how he’d react to that

  3. 24kirshnerj says:

    Palps: This could not get any worse!
    *Anakin walks in door*

    • Emperor Palpatine says:

      Oh no, not you again, Leave me alone!

    • Botye Bence says:

      “Hey Palps, I am sorry but for your own good has to social distance myself from you!”
      “Wow, you don’t visited me for years, and NOW have a such a convincing excuse?”
      “You know, in normal families that could be the PARENTS responsibility!”

    • The Gaming Phantom says:

      Palptine would kick him out even if it wasn’t qurntine because aniken is not a villan

    • Emperor Palpatine says:

      @The Gaming Phantom *Thank You*

      The only one who gets it

    • Lauryn Ireland says:

      We must tell everyone the news

  4. manu gheorge says:

    People flexing in 2019: with money
    People flexing in 2020: with toilet paper

  5. Optimus Crime says:

    Is Palpatine was smart enough he would go in his ship and go in a galaxy far far away….from earth

  6. Lawrence Rinehart says:

    Palpatine is lying. He has hundreds of pallets of toilet paper underground in Exogal.

  7. ItsChev notJeff says:

    Palpatine: I miss my friends
    Jedi: “Laughs in Holograms”

  8. Xeth Dusk says:

    “Well this is a path to a ability I even find to be unnatural”….

    Interesting how convenient the force is…

  9. Gavin Wieland says:

    Even Pals is stuck in Quarantinaville.

  10. fireicelightarrows says:

    “I’ve been a master of social distancing for as long as I can remember. I even already had my own cave built. Do you know why?” “Because I’m Batman!”

    • Mary Stone says:

      Hmmm, even Batman didn’t have prep-time for this one! But to be fair, he’ll probably have a cure in half an hour anyway, or at least a week….because he’s Batman!

    • Aidan Grady says:

      Bcuz he’s BATMAN!!!!!!! 😎😎😎😎😎😎

    • Raistlarn says:

      @Mary Stone and he can fund it with his Bat-credit card.

    • Erik Throne says:

      Mary Stone For all we know Bruce can flex his arsenal of Wayne resources. Did I mention his bat computer is beyond our supercomputers? Only brainiac can rival Wayne

    • Andree Tungcab says:

      @Mary Stone He doesn’t need a cure. BECAUSE HE’S BATMAN.

  11. John Doe says:

    Is that “Commander Clean” a “Commander Keen” reference? That is so old school.

  12. Anonymous Person says:

    Meanwhile introvert be like: 🎵It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas🎶

    • My Hero Academia Fan says:

      I have to agree with Raistlarn. It is not on my terms and I need my friends and support system to properly function.

    • Maimai biri says:


    • I'mYourAlibi says:

      @Anonymous Person Yep X)

    • Unknown says:

      @Shannon B Whatever you are going through, I sympathize with you. But, as a pretty big introvert myself, I have absolutely no clue what you’re talking about that’s so regrettable to where jokes are in bad taste. What do you refer to exactly?

    • toyamwarr says:

      Shannon B You’re probably thinking of shyness which *not* the same as being introverted. Shy people find life painful. Introverts only find life painful around extroverts who try to make everyone an extrovert as well.

  13. AmethystEyes says:

    I’m surprised Palpatine doesn’t have a bidet.

  14. ScribeOfRhapsody says:

    Meanwhile, there’s the introverts that work in grocery that are just like “DO YOU KNOW WHAT I’D GIVE FOR TWO WEEKS AT HOME ON MY OWN RIGHT NOW?” XD

  15. Joshua Dunford says:

    Take note:
    General Grievous covers his mouth whenever he coughs even though he doesn’t have a mouth- be more like General Grievous!
    Darth Vader used to choke people with hand, now he Social distances himself with force choke- be more like Darth Vader!
    JigSaw stays at home and only communities by screen- be more like JigSaw!
    Freddie Kruger always keeps Gloves on- Be more like Freddie Kruger!

  16. Dee Hall says:

    “What am I supposed to do, use the force?”
    “I’m afraid so sir”
    “…….and be sure to wash your hands”.

  17. Willrc57 says:

    The real reason Tarkin blew up Alderaan was to rid the Coronavirus from that system… and everyone thought that was a bad thing.

  18. Motivational Lizard says:

    Palpatine: how long have we’ve been here?
    Me: he’s going to say 2 hours
    Hal: 2 hours sir
    Me: “_”
    (conclusion) I’d really predicted it lol

  19. EvilFookaire says:

    “Could have just shown how I’survived the fall… now my saga’s dead just like Darth Maul…” – Damn… DAMN…. that wasn’t even aimed at me (and I fully agree with it) but even I felt that force-lightning hit like a freight train.
    “But wait, I live again! …I wonder where they got that idea from.” – Oh, I’m afraid the intense burn will be quite operational when your sequels arrive, young Rise Of Skywalker…
    Solid gold all throughout this video, as usual… but those two burns rule everything.

  20. TroubbleGum says:

    “I’m afraid I can’t do that, sir.”
    “Dew it!”
    Two of the most iconic lines combined. I love HISHE.

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