The Vision for Nintendo at Universal Theme Parks

The Vision for Nintendo at Universal Theme Parks

Shigeru Miyamoto (Nintendo) and Mark Woodbury (Universal Creative) share early insights on the collaboration between Nintendo and Universal Parks & Resorts.

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20 Responses

  1. Ocarinaot 4 says:


  2. Who's da man?! says:

    inb4 there are multiple deaths on the ride

  3. IVIegadude says:

    Metroid roller coaster or riot!

  4. Disgusted Dedede says:

    The hype roller coaster begins

  5. M1YAK2 says:

    Metroid laser tag maybe?

  6. Joy Jackson says:

    As if my boys didn’t want to go to Japan enough as it is! They are going to
    SO want to do this!

  7. Joshua W says:

    So if someone dies on a Mario ride, does that make him a murderer?

  8. film-makergamer says:

    I want a Bionis coaster

  9. Vapidbobcat says:

    I only hope they do a 1:1 statue of Yaldabaoth (xenoblade) in the entrance

  10. GAMINGwith MOLT says:

    I can imagine a 3D ride with all nintendo characters and you riding a kart
    in mario kart 8

  11. memoryman3 says:

    Princess Daisy’s Rodeo Returns!

  12. Alexander Fenix says:

    alguien aqui habla español o soy el unico

  13. StarryAqua says:

    Please have an Animal Crossing exhibit. I would never want to leave.

  14. John Milton says:

    If often saddens people to see what disney has become. But I have no
    problem at all with Nintendo taking over the world.

  15. Najee Jackson says:

    Show me Emerald city and I will be happy.

  16. NestorV S says:


  17. DJ W. says:

    They should build a replica of Coconut Mall and have real Nintendo shops
    and dining in it

  18. Solar.Saurus says:

    tom nook store, pokemon center restaurant, metroid ride, definitely fzero
    ride, this is more intense than a Christmas list

  19. - [RοXαs] says:

    How about Zelda battle with real Swords? <3

  20. Gustavo Barría Chavarría says:

    This should be awesome!!! I will try to go see it the next time I visit
    Orlando (and when it’s finished of course!).