The Voice 2015 – Christina Aguilera: Master of Impressions (Digital Exclusive)

The Voice 2015 – Christina Aguilera: Master of Impressions (Digital Exclusive)

See Christina Aguilera’s spot-on impressions of Miley, Britney, Sia, Shakira, Lady Gaga and more.
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The Voice 2015 – Christina Aguilera: Master of Impressions (Digital Exclusive)

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20 Responses

  1. hello imaaron says:

    YESSSS QUEEN. I really really really hope she and usher come back to coach
    next season.

  2. alex galeas says:

    Xtina is amazing, we gotta love her…..

  3. max starkiller says:

    la amo es la mejor le falto imitar a cyndi lauper

  4. Rodrigo Simão says:

    MILEY <3

  5. Pablo Jan says:

    +Christina Aguilera as #CHER <3 #BritneySpears #Shakira #Sia
    #LadyGaga and ugly #mileycyrus 

  6. huhu300 says:

    OMG, so cute! Britney <3

  7. Chris Spacey says:

    qhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahh so funnyyyyyyyyyy

  8. pawanraaj churiwala says:

    Take a look at this video on YouTube:

  9. tere clupi says:

    Fuckyou Aguilera

  10. JCIce007 says:

    I thought she was going to imitate their singing, which she could probably
    do if she wanted. Of all the voices, I think her Cher needs a little work,
    but the accountant joke was great.

  11. Jorge Leyva says:

    “Who is Blake Sheldon?” JA JA JA JA like the real Cher !!!!

  12. Yadanar Myint Htay says:

    She’s so cute <3 love her .. 

  13. rubenpseudogreek says:

    I’ve always been on the Britney team, but, as time goes by, I’ve learned to
    appreciate Christina a bit more. I loved her Back to Basics album and it’s
    nice to see her doing different things. As for her voice, I know she’s very
    good, but she should stop overdoing it when she’s performing. I normally
    love her songs on CD but when she performs she gets carried away…

  14. rubenpseudogreek says:

    These impersonations were veeeeeery good.

  15. John Thu says:

    I love X’tena xooooo much <3

  16. Jean hay says:


  17. rolly tebrero says:

    Lol! Amazing x-tina!!!

  18. naser varaj says:

    She’s doing impression of people she’ll never reach the same level of
    success as them.

  19. ktbpa says:

    so funny!