The Voice 2015 Jordan Smith – Top 10: “Hallelujah”

The Voice 2015 Jordan Smith – Top 10: “Hallelujah”

Jordan Smith gives a soulful rendition of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah.”
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As part of NBC’s Fall shows in 2015, NBC’s The Voice follows the strongest vocalists from across the country and invites them to compete in this season’s blockbuster vocal competition.

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The Voice 2015 Jordan Smith – Top 10: “Hallelujah”

The Voice

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20 Responses

  1. Arnaud Ramanitra says:

    Ok, it was very good and different from what he did in his previous
    performances , using a light air voice at 2min20 was very beautiful and
    smart….but he ruined it 5 seconds later and went back to this crappy
    vocal show-off, yeah we know you can reach hign notes, but it’s not enough
    to be an artist.
    That confirmed my fears, he’s just a “freak” , his pretty good voice become
    incredible once you know it’s coming from an overweighted young man. Put
    that apart and his just a good interpret, barely a good singer and far from
    a good artist.
    He’s still the more likely to win to me (along with Emily -Ann, for
    different reasons) because he will sing what you tell him to sing, pure
    gold for labels. One hit wonder at best.

  2. mohit mishra says:

    I can’t help but compare it with Matthew Schuler cover. He was 10 times
    better. Somehow, Jordon’s voice looked so artificial that it made the song
    unreachable. I couldn’t connect to the song. What I hated most was this
    unnecessary false praise. Blake you are wrong, Matthew might not have won,
    but his rendition was much better.

  3. L Justice says:

    So glad to see Team Adam doing so well this year! I’m sure last year was
    very disappointing for him as he got very few of his choice artists. But
    seriously. …..he needs to stop telling the audience to shut up and
    insulting their clapping rhythm! Lol. And I like Gwen well enough……but
    if The Voice wants to spice up the judging panel with a female judge that
    has talent, passion for music, and enthusiasm. …..they need to give Kelly
    Clarkson a shot!

  4. Pooler235 says:

    Such a remarkable talent! I love, love, love Jordan’s voice! I hope he
    wins! Amazing!

  5. scarlovie says:

    i’ve literally got chills, he could make every song so special in his own

  6. Star A says:

    oh my God ~!!! that really makes me cry …so beatiful

  7. s knight says:

    Made my blind Mom (cancer patient) cry and I cried along with her. Jordan
    is an angel here on earth. ~ Amen ~

  8. Drewibix says:

    Can people stop comparing him to Matthew? Thanks

  9. Daniel “Elijah” Maximoff says:

    That’s a nice voice.

  10. Cornelia Rumpf says:


  11. Eckomio says:

    I love him so much…but I felt this was weak. probably just me though.

  12. Angelo Gelo says:

    Clean yet so perfect ???? I got goosebump when the song is almost

  13. Joakim Ilenius says:

    That’s no question about it… You are going to win The Voice this season.

  14. walkerfamily75 says:

    I get chills in the first few seconds of this performance!

  15. Anna Paula Nogueira says:

    Jordan é sempre impecável. Não duvido que ele ganhará essa edição e com
    certeza ele merece!

  16. Met Mugkeys says:

    love his voice.. such a beautiful gift..

  17. Ginger Christian says:

    Love his voice and the controll he has. He has a special gift and I say
    “Hallelujah” :)

  18. Aline Barbutti de Oliveira says:

    Try to copy Matthew Schuller.

  19. Oyan Lataille says:

    Jordan is top for me

  20. Nguyễn Gia Bảo says:

    One way to winner, please!