The Voice 2015 Jordan Smith – Top 11: “Who You Are”

The Voice 2015 Jordan Smith – Top 11: “Who You Are”

Jordan Smith gives a moving performance of Jessie J’s “Who You Are.”
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As part of NBC’s Fall shows in 2015, NBC’s The Voice follows the strongest vocalists from across the country and invites them to compete in this season’s blockbuster vocal competition.

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The Voice 2015 Jordan Smith – Top 11: “Who You Are”

The Voice

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20 Responses

  1. Karissa Domerese says:

    He killed it again! I really hope he wins ?

  2. Carmela Katz says:

    How is it possible to just be amazing week after week. he is the voice.
    he’s already a winner. if he doesn’t win the voice I’m sure he will have
    plenty of other voices

  3. Thaissa Santos says:

    the best

  4. TheLakeHasSpoken says:

    Anyone know the judges reactions?

  5. Rimarvelous _ says:

    ive been watching the voice since season 1. and ive never seen a singer as
    fantastic as jordan. his talent is just out of this world! america needs to
    vote for him or you all should feel ashamed

  6. Radek - Crawer says:


  7. Vincent Marasigan says:

    Che of XFactorUK is better.

  8. Patrick Holmes says:

    this guy sucks

  9. Henry James Galvizo says:

    Number 1 hands down

  10. Eduardo Rocha says:

    he could sing something by Rihanna

  11. Christopher Huffman says:

    Never thought he was to great personally. But the consistency of his
    flawless performances tells me he deserves to win.

  12. Geo Faour says:

    amazing as usual <3

  13. Yenn says:

    My (dream team<3) top 5:

    Jordan (win)
    Jeffrey (2nd)
    Amy (3rd)
    Shelby (4th)
    Evan or Barret (5th)

    Let me know yours :)

  14. Bagus Kurniawan says:

    i guess that jordan, jeffery, braiden, and madi will going to finale round

  15. Júlia (enjuliastic) says:

    I’d love to hear a version of him singing Sia’s Fire Meet Gasoline

  16. Josh Posh says:

    I think the top five are goi to be
    1. Jordan Smith (Duh)
    2. Amy Vachal (Or how ever you spell her last name)
    3. Shelby Brown (The one is country and choose Adam)
    4. Even McKee (I think)
    5. Jeffrey Austin (The one who sung “let it go” but not the one in frozen)

  17. Sydney Harvey says:

    Jordan will win the voice I know it!!

  18. Bryan Hawn says:

    He can sing ANYTHING!

  19. MRSLAYER511 says:

    I love this song choice and he OBVIOUSLY he is the winner this song is

  20. Josh Horn says:

    how did adam grow his hair back so fast? wasnt he bald like two weeks ago?