The Voice 2015 Korin Bukowski – Instant Save Performance: “She Will Be Loved”

The Voice 2015 Korin Bukowski – Instant Save Performance: “She Will Be Loved”

Looking for an instant save, Korin Bukowski sings “She Will Be Loved.”
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As part of NBC’s Fall shows in 2015, NBC’s The Voice follows the strongest vocalists from across the country and invites them to compete in this season’s blockbuster vocal competition.

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The Voice 2015 Korin Bukowski – Instant Save Performance: “She Will Be Loved”

The Voice

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20 Responses

  1. yupitsme09 says:

    She looks like Gwen with this look, cute voice!

  2. Danilo Costa says:

    vou te amar pra sempre mozao

  3. Caitlin Parrott says:

    No mean to hate she needs to be off the voice she just ruined this song for
    me. In my opinion she doesn’t belong in the top 10

  4. Extreme Dolphin says:

    I was literally just singing this

  5. MaarlonB says:

    Keep saving her, plz

  6. pokopoko14 says:

    I think she found her voice back! 🙂 Cecilia and the Satellite still has to
    be my favorite from her, and I hope she sings something similar!

  7. Willian Pereira says:

    Felicity from serie Arrow singing it’s new for me lol

  8. J. Higa says:

    FINALLY a song that goes well with her again

  9. Zatix Naimz says:

    hopefully gwen will pick song that suits her next week

  10. Carmela Katz says:

    this song is much better for her voice. she needs to have better song
    choices. she’s a good singer but her song choices are what’s landing her in
    the bottom all the time.

  11. Lucy Lucy says:


  12. Alex McNamee says:

    It’s quite funny, really. Korin delivers much better performances in the
    Instant Save than on the actual show. Korin’s voice sounded slightly
    strained here, particularly on the more powerful sections, though I’m not
    sure if that was just nerves. Her quirky tone came through infrequently,
    which was quite nice too. The pitch was lost slightly in the choruses,
    particularly the last one, but I quite liked the imperfections – in a way,
    they gave more of a sense of Korin than any of her last three performances.
    It wasn’t perfect, no – but just as long as Korin can stay and *actually
    sing a song that she wants to sing that represents her*, she’ll do okay.

  13. Tigris 797 says:

    I swear why can she showcase so much more power and ease in her instant
    saves and in her voice performances, she’s always doing the falsetto and
    standing there without much of the indie quality she can offer! korins tone
    and voice is my favourite, but she hasn’t been showing the power and indie
    side to her performances. whoevers picking the songs for her seem to always
    go for a really really slow tune that doesn’t showcase any of the power she
    really has!!!

  14. Ashley Harper says:

    She is good but I do like some of the other contestants a little more. And
    she slurred in the beginning and forgot the words to it. :/

  15. Julian Juarez says:

    Omg!!!! She’s amazing!!! But Gwen needs to let her pick her own songs
    because if not she’s only going to be in the bottom two from now on. She
    should let her pick your own song next week just to see if she ranks higher
    than she has been lately. #TEAMGWEN

  16. Tash Kash (DatBitch) says:

    Thumbnail looks like Gabby/VelvetGh0st

  17. maria claudia Bastos says:

    why did she sing this song before? it’s much better the last one the top 11

  18. Maika M says:

    We have seen so many fantastic voices in all seasons that Korin, Braiden or
    Emily just can’t impress me, so sorry.

  19. Jose Valdes says:

    Every week it will be harder to keep her alive because the other
    contestants have a bigger fan base that vote no matter what they sing. I
    hope she enjoys every day, because I am enjoying two great songs a week
    from her. when this season is over, I will buy her CD’s the same way I
    bought Melanie martinez’s music.

  20. Wan Ainaa Shuhaida says: