The Voice 2015 Sawyer Fredericks – Live Finale: “Please”

The Voice 2015 Sawyer Fredericks – Live Finale: “Please”

Looking for America’s finale votes, Sawyer Fredericks nails his original song, “Please.”
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The Voice 2015 Sawyer Fredericks – Live Finale: “Please”

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20 Responses

  1. terry saunders says:

    lv his voice

  2. Leona Krivda says:

    AMAZING………once again!!!!!!

  3. Aries April says:

    Where is Sawyer’s the other performance (old man)??

    • J Hayes says:

      +Aries April Ikr????? I thought both his being in the spotlight and vocals
      were outstanding in “Old Man”. His ending note/tone was fantastic. What a
      way to close the finale! His vocals fit that song like a hand-in-glove. He
      was 2 for 2 on his solos; both were winning performances. His 2 solos are
      charting higher on iTunes. Meghan is sneaking in. Not that she doesn’t
      deserve to be there, but Blake’s army came out like warriors to vote. I’m
      sure of it. That said, I like Meghan. She gave 2 outta 3 great
      performances. Josh hit 3 for 3 outta the park, especially his original.

  4. brandon carter says:

    Would have loved to hear him sing Jolene

  5. Brian Viking says:

    Sawyer is like other legendary singers like neil young, buffalo
    springfield, CCR, and others he has that special something that sets them
    apart. He sings a song and makes it his own he hits ranges and melodys
    others dream of, He in My opinion is the winner this year.

  6. Paula Schneider says:

    I knew he’d certainly win this show when he sang “Have you ever seen the
    rain?” He is not just a singer, or just a performer, he is an angel <3

  7. Susan Woods says:

    Sawyer will “WIN BIG” over the others I think that Koryn will be runner up,
    it’s Pharrell’s team all the way!!!! Awesome job guys I am so proud of all
    of you.

  8. Sheila Kemunto says:

    he is good-looking, he is a countryboy, he is WHITE…….main reasons as
    to why he will win.

    dont get me wrong…i love his talent…his voice is unique.
    but from what i have observed…those appear to be the main reasons.

  9. Sandra Hinds says:

    Sing it Saywer

  10. Melissa Damas says:

    Sawyer and Ray Lamontagne collab is brilliance

  11. Kimberly Gibson says:

    as a parent of two teenage girls, it is so refreshing to see a young artist
    have interest in real and meaningful music like the stuff my husband and i
    grew up on rather than the garbage pumping out today! i listen to you just
    as much as my girls do! all of us love you and vote for you! You are the
    whole reason i started watching the show with them, i heard your audition
    and i ws in the kitchen, i perked up and came in and said WOW that kid has
    got the stuff! congratulations! you are what a true atist is made of!

  12. Fiona Dowling says:

    He is great, he has true talent and soul. He deserved to be i the finals. I
    think mia z should be there with him…

  13. Ivona Zager says:

    refreshing – amazing – inspiring. Keep singing Sawyer Fredericks!

  14. tkalache says:

    Why does everyone keep saying this is an original song and was written for
    Sawyer?? He did a great job but “Please” is an old Ray LaMontagne song NOT
    something written for Sawyer! Please.

  15. outbacksafari says:

    Sawyer is what America needs in the music world right now. He is amazing.
    Has Values and Roots! A true musician!

  16. Diane Vespa says:

    I’ve watched nearly every season of The Voice and never have I ever been so
    sure of a more solid winner than Sawyer. I’d be shocked if he didn’t win
    tonight. Always felt that Karin was solid for second though too, but Joshua
    is pretty awesome. It would be OK if he came in second. That duet he did
    with Sawyer really boosted his stock in my opinion.

  17. Clint8179 says:

    Love Sawyer. He deserves the win. Such talent at such a young age!

  18. Elisabeth Biehl says:

    This kids voice is soooooo unique!! He is by far the best on the show!! Id
    be shocked if he didnt win! 

  19. Rita Stevens says:

    Amazing new song Please, just stay true to yourself don’t follow, lead…
    Keep on keeping on..