The Voice 2015 Sawyer Fredericks – Semifinals: “For What It’s Worth”

The Voice 2015 Sawyer Fredericks – Semifinals: “For What It’s Worth”

Sawyer Fredericks sings his dedication song, “For What It’s Worth” by Buffalo Springfield.
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The Voice 2015 Sawyer Fredericks – Semifinals: “For What It’s Worth”

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20 Responses

  1. Carrie Young says:

    This kid is awesome and only 16 years old! He is shy obviously, but once
    that passes and he gets more experience, he is going to be a superstar!!
    Koryn Hawthorne just blows me away! Team Pharrell is definitely going to

  2. Stephie Lee says:

    #SawyerFredericks is so awesome..
    Some people just don’t understand the music he chooses has stories and
    meaning in them.

    Keep up the good work, Sawyer.

  3. Annie Singler says:

    Truth! I haven’t stopped listening to him since his audition. Bought his
    little boy album the day after, which is surprisingly good if you don’t
    mind the little boy voice. He’s got it.

  4. Rejane Brito says:

    +dill9145 It’s a great answer to these haters, they can’t change the

  5. Rod Johnson says:

    Another Great Performance by our man and Sawyer Fredericks!

  6. Donna Tarlton says:

    I think Sawyer is phenomenal. I think he has a true voice and his heart and
    soul are on display everytime he sings. 

  7. vietlovessaurieng a says:

    for all 16 years old kids, sawyer has made his point… make your mom
    proud… and do something which he loves the most… singing… hat off for
    u Sawyer…

  8. PhiphthVyoo says:

    +hgsh9811 “exactly the same,” meaning great, inspiring, emotional,
    pitch-perfect, and incredible tone.

  9. Tonie Poole says:

    Sawyer rocks the young man has the voice in my book the young man can sing
    anything with no problem he is number one Sawyer should win the voice 

  10. Tonie Poole says:

    My vote is for Sawyer all the way 

  11. Red Baron Farm says:

    Well, judging by the itunes downloads:
    1) A Thousand Years (The Voice Performance)
    Sawyer Fredericks (#2 overall)
    2) For What It’s Worth (The Voice Performance)
    Sawyer Fredericks (#3 overall)
    3) Tennessee Whiskey (The Voice Performance)
    Meghan Linsey (#5 overall)
    4) I Can’t Make You Love Me (The Voice Performance)
    Joshua Davis (#12 overall)

    You have to make it top 10 overall for the bonus. So likely it will be
    Sawyer, Meghan. Joshua going through if he can bump just 2 more spots.

    BTW Sawyer is a beast! He has 11 songs still in the top 200 overall!
    1) Sawyer 11
    2) Meghan 3
    3) Joshua 3
    4) Koryn 2
    5) India 2
    6) Noelle Bybee 1 (w/ Sawyer)

  12. Joanne Sargent says:

    Sawyer is probably the most unique voice ever on this show. Got this old
    baby-boomer listening. Love him. Love his and Pharrell’s choices. He
    picked the right coach. This young man is going places. All the right

  13. rtaylor41 says:

    Sawyer i really enjoy your voice, really look forward to watching you every
    week! I’m sure you will win The Voice. The sound of your voice,and the
    words to your original songs are beautiful and seem to come from someone
    much older than you are. Thank you so much Sawyer,I hope your music takes
    you as far as you want,count on me to be listening. You are a very talented
    and well spoken young man – I am sure your parents are proud, a gift from
    God. Good luck, Sawyer!

  14. Iaido47 says:

    Are you kidding me. To take an “Anthem” like this and turn it into this
    lazy piece of trash. Did the boy who wasn’t even born when this song came
    out even bother to read the lyrics or try to understand what they mean. He
    just pissed off a whole generation. Some songs just shouldn’t be messed

  15. lovesfreedomtoo says:

    His eyes just twinkle when he performs. Way to make an old song new & your
    own Sawyer! This was a performance that I was able to sit back, close my
    eyes & let the music run right through me. Love it!

  16. PhiphthVyoo says:

    I suspect that many who call Sawyer boring probably have long since had
    their brains fried by so much pop music that is utterly meaningless. You
    know what I mean: Pop songs that deliver the same 2 or 3 lines of
    gibberish, repeated over and over all throughout the song (and nothing
    else.) They just don’t know how to respond to a song that has deeply
    meaningful lyrics, and so they grow bored, can’t follow along, can’t get
    into the moment.

  17. PhiphthVyoo says:

    +Latearrival And those haters appear approximately 30 seconds after every
    Sawyer video is posted, trying to get top comments (on which they all glom
    togetther) and thumbing-down before most people have realized the video has
    been posted. For so much hate to motivate them…must mean that Sawyer is
    doing something right. Sawyer is like those bug-zappers that hang over a
    front porch. He attracts even his haters.

  18. Tracy Wasem says:

    Way to go Sawyer. Whenever I hear you sing it makes me thing everything is
    all right in a crazy world. I mean that in the kindest sense too. :)

  19. Chris Cee says:

    Sawyer is the only person I look forward to hearing when watching The
    Voice. He’s going to be the winner, I know it!

  20. ForEverXFangirl XD says:

    he needs to win