The Voice 2016 Battle – Christian Cuevas vs. Jason Warrior: “Hello”

The Voice 2016 Battle – Christian Cuevas vs. Jason Warrior: “Hello”

Christian Cuevas and Jason Warrior battle with a duet of Adele’s megahit “Hello.”
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NBC’s The Voice follows the strongest vocalists from across the country and invites them to compete in this season’s blockbuster vocal competition.

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The Voice 2016 Battle – Christian Cuevas vs. Jason Warrior: “Hello”

The Voice

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20 Responses

  1. Gonzalo Stupenengo says:

    best battle ever or near

  2. Moriah Sisco says:

    Jason showed SO much emotion in this performance, and not only do I admire
    singers voices, but I admire how they perform it. And I could tell Jason
    was wrapped up in the song. I would’ve gone with Jason, but I’m so so so
    glad Adam stole him. I didn’t want him going home. ❤️

  3. Shamkhal Slays says:

    I’m sorry but Jason is annoying

  4. hawaiiSpeeDemoN says:

    Is that Cottonmouth Dillard?

  5. TheAngryMan says:

    I predicted this in the earlier video. This is not even up to debate. Of
    course Jason was giving 200% but Christian has a naturally good voice. And
    of course Alicia would play the long game.

  6. Mehdi Labied says:

    Best battle of the year.

  7. Jimena Martinez says:

    Christian Cuevas and We McDonald are my absolutly favorites

  8. Emmia B says:

    The guy in the darker outfit was better, but they both have good voices

  9. Daisey Leyba says:

    they both KILLED IT. i wouldn’t have been able to choose. i’m so glad that
    jason was stolen, like girl yess.

  10. Nick Reichwein says:

    Omg this is one of the best battles i’ve ever seen man

  11. Jul Tom says:


  12. peaceHippie710 says:

    Greatest Battle #Ever

  13. Janet Wilkinson says:

    Those last two moments of the song where beautiful it was like so raspy but
    like raspy perfection

  14. Ashley Nicole says:

    best of the night
    I love Christian!!

  15. Joshua Howell says:

    I HATE these voice “battles.” It’s like in college, when you’re paying
    ridiculous money for a class, and suddenly you’re grade is dependent on
    other people when the lazy teacher makes a huge part of your grade
    dependent on a GROUP PROJECT. These two guys sound AMAZING, but the
    arrangement is made to force them to compliment each other. It forces them
    to be “back-up” or “harmony” singers, instead of lead singers. The Voice
    isn’t about who will be the next BACKUP singer. When the arrangement is
    made to compliment each other, it’s not REALLY a battle

  16. ashim choudhury says:

    jason is annoying

  17. Cho0segoose says:

    when’s the last time a winner of these things went anywhere lol

  18. Mini Max 7 says:

    I saw this and thought… Wow they got Kevin hart singing against James

  19. Kereem Clarke says:

    Do you guys realise how amazing Alica is, she took adele’s already amazing
    song and made something beautiful.

  20. imane imane says:

    Sorry but Jason Warrior was better ! Fortunately Adam picked him