The Voice 2016 Blind Audition – Natasha Bure: “Can’t Help Falling in Love”

The Voice 2016 Blind Audition – Natasha Bure: “Can’t Help Falling in Love”

The daughter of a famous actress performs a reimagined version of the Elvis classic.
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The Voice 2016 Blind Audition – Natasha Bure: “Can’t Help Falling in Love”

The Voice

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19 Responses

  1. Taylor Quan says:

    am I the first to notice dj tanner?

  2. michelleiscrazyy says:

    That’s DJ Tanner’s actual daughter what

  3. Shoko Hirano says:

    Adam turned to honor Christina Grimmie. Her voice is shaky…

  4. Chelsea S says:

    Yeeeeeah not voting for her for that vest. Ugh.

    Moreover, this is a celebrity’s kid trying to have a singing career when
    they can only kinda sing. She has a very shaky voice.

  5. 7Danita says:

    She was very nervous I’ve heard her sing before and she she sounded good
    she can do better but it’s hard to carry a tune when you are so nervous

  6. Zachary Aiello says:

    when Candace (DJ from full house) yells shut up! i yelled shut up at the
    same time cause it was her hahaha

  7. ThOmAz O.s says:

    Trusting in the beautiful work that Adam can do. She’s adorable, she was
    just nervous…

  8. Too Awesome says:

    So im gonna be a jerk for a second, because this is why the world pisses me
    off so much. THAT is an untrained voice. You know why people like Michael
    Jackson and Ed Sheeran have such amazing voices? Because they worked hard
    for many years, doing gigs every single day, singing their hearts out,
    getting paid nothing, building up their fanbase from scratch, this is why
    Ed sold out Wembley 3 times. This girl no doubt got to audition on air
    because she’s Candace Cameron’s daughter, and im starting to believe now
    that Adam turning around was already decided beforehand too. That audition
    was TERRIBLE. Terrible. Terrible. Can she sing? Yes she can, but she needs
    to do it more, much more not on TV. Because all the broke artists out there
    who have amazing voices and are working themselves to the bone wont get a
    shot to even audition for the voice because they’re nobodies, or they dont
    have fascinating stories behind them and they arent already born into a
    family like that. Does this girl deserve to follow her dreams etc? Yes of
    course, but what annoys me is they have a finite number of spots for
    singers, and she was selected before another singer purely because of her

  9. Chantey Mann says:

    Oh geeze… these Cameron’s need to go away, all of them …to Gilligans
    Island… and stay gone!! They breed like infected flys… btw you can here
    this in any karaoke bar….,SIMON C.

  10. Brea_Sings25 says:

    She wasn’t even bad, I hate the negativity from those who can’t sing a
    lick. Like really are you qualified to be the tone police. SMDH!

  11. Josefina Bernier says:

    Haley Reinhart’s version can’t be beat.

  12. Lindss Lindss says:

    Guys she was just nervous, Natasha CAN sing. If u check on her channel
    you’ll see what I mean. Her nerves just go to her.

  13. DarkR0ze says:

    what the heck! why is this cut off?!

  14. Carmen Leong says:

    This is one of the most underwhelming performances on The Voice that I’ve
    ever witnessed in a long, long time. It feels a bit ridiculous (and rude to
    other contestants) that this kid even got one turn. I wish Adam didn’t turn
    for her, but I guess she’s a good card to pit against someone he wants to
    keep on his team during the Battles. LOL. Her voice sounds so untrained,
    shaky and all over the place, it’s such a waste for her to even stand on
    that stage when there are other ACTUAL artists who deserve that chance way
    more than her.

  15. Random Guy says:

    I don’t know why people are saying she’s out of tune but in my opinion, she
    did really well and she put her own spin to this old song unlike other
    people who try as much as to copy the original singer and is sounding
    really generic. Great Job Natasha!

  16. Lalalu Lilula says:

    Who is Christina Grimmie…I though this was Elvis Presley song ..

  17. ThiagoH. THPS says:

    I remembered Christina Grimmie ?

  18. Bad Karma says:

    I like her voice and I think it was a good song selection but she tried to
    do too much, change it too much. Just because you can doesn’t mean you

  19. Rachmat Sulthony says:

    Haley Reinhart is so much better.