The Voice 2017 Battle – Aliyah Moulden vs. Dawson Coyle: “Walking on Sunshine”

The Voice 2017 Battle – Aliyah Moulden vs. Dawson Coyle: “Walking on Sunshine”

Aliyah Moulden and Dawson Coyle impress the coaches with their performance of “Walking on Sunshine.”
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NBC’s The Voice follows the strongest vocalists from across the country and invites them to compete in this season’s blockbuster vocal competition.

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The Voice 2017 USA YouTube channel features exclusive content with The Voice coaches, highlights from The Voice auditions, interviews with The Voice winners, as well as The Voice recaps and results. Learn more about The Voice contestants, The Voice tour, the eliminations, and follow your favorite performers all the way to the finale. In season 12, Gwen Stefani returns to join Alicia Keys, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton as celebrity musician coaches, while Carson Daly continues to serve as host. The show’s innovative format features five stages of competition: the first begins with the blind auditions, followed by the battle rounds, the knockouts, the live playoffs and finally, the live performance shows.

The Voice 2017 Battle – Aliyah Moulden vs. Dawson Coyle: “Walking on Sunshine”

The Voice

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20 Responses

  1. booksagainstsilence says:

    I loved how vibrant and alive this performance was! Really glad Dawson got stolen, and Aliyah’s voice is really mature and rich. They both deserved to stay 🙂

  2. Mr. ToadTheGamer says:

    They were so cute together like what the hell

  3. Mary Lindor says:

    That battle gives me life.. They are so sweet. I was not ready. Glad they were walking on sunshine. What a luck?????

  4. King Sass says:

    Happy for Aliyah but the steal was …..

  5. robertantonnyc says:

    Vocally this was Aaliyah all the way. She’s just incredible!

  6. Maju Haque says:

    Dawson is one of the reasons that confirms im gay he is so fucking handsome. Im so happy he got stolen

  7. Have Fun Don't Be Boring says:

    Why is Alessia Cara competing?

  8. Nathania Colver says:

    when you’re at 4:53 and you see there’s still substantial time left:
    YES thank goodness he was stolen!
    i love blake shelton for pairing these two together they were so cute omg shipping so hard

  9. EpicW0mbA says:

    Holy crap that was amazing, great chemistry!

  10. Attack Helicopter says:

    I honestly thought he did better…

  11. Sam Lewis says:

    I wanted him to win and Alicia to steal her but so happy they both made it

  12. DJ Funksta says:

    So many youngsters this season.

  13. 414aliha says:

    Blake chose Aaliyah because he knew based on the feedback he got from other coaches, Dawson would be definitely stolen! Great coaching!

  14. XxZetroGamingxX says:

    Dawson is so cute! Aliyah is too! Vocally Aliyah was a little bit better, but I am really happy dawson got a steal.

  15. Damian Łukasiewicz says:

    Any Glee Fans Here? Such a positive song

  16. Shay Ismyname says:

    Why is Adam wearing one of those Aztec cardigans you get from primark ??? ???

  17. Enzo Park says:

    dude looks like Arya stark

  18. Jeremey King says:

    What in the actual hell is gwens hair ??

  19. vote4freedom says:

    That might have been the best battle I’ve ever seen on this show.

  20. Sapphire Gold says:

    Im so glad he got stolen. I kind of liked him better…

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