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  1. First name Last name says:


  2. Kim Wesoloski says:

    Janice 😭

  3. João Victor Lopes says:

    Justice for Janice

  4. Clorox bleach says:

    Man I feel like I wanna kill the country mafia

  5. • Zachary says:

    One of the biggest robberies in the history of the show.

  6. My vagina Smells like cheetos says:

    Who else is done watching the show? 🖐🏻 Janice was completely robbed

    • Nana Agyeman says:

      My vagina Smells like cheetos I am. 🖐Sisaundra Lewis, Judith Hill, Vanessa Ferguson, India Carney, Kimberley Nichole, Janice Freeman, and it goes on and on…..

    • areej says:

      Althu I’m smiler and I enjoy watching miley but I can’t watched lies and rigging anymore

  7. Khamis Abdelrahman says:

    Janice was #1 on the trending twitter list, how did she get eliminated. Hopefully she continues to make music, she has a great voice.

  8. Mr. ToadTheGamer says:

    Janice was robbed!

  9. Rubén Padilla says:

    Janice was robbed. For real

  10. Community Gamer says:

    My my Miley Cyrus she is so….stunning. Even if you don’t enjoy her music, you must admit she can sing and is super attractive. I kinda want her to win, she deserves it too.

  11. Lisa-Anne Allamby says:

    I can’t watch this video because it’s depressing . There is no wayyyyyyyyyy on Earth that Janice should have been sent home . I won’t be watching the voice anymore because this American voting system isn’t fair . She was the best on this entire show . When other judges can say that she was better than the other 9 who qualified that says a lot. Janice you have fans all over the world including Barbados . She deserved to be in the finals . Not fair at allllllllllllllllll 😭

    • jimmy hazen says:

      Lisa-Anne Allamby She was good but not the best

    • LEE says:

      Janice’s musicality, range, power and control were unmatched! And sadly, she wasn’t even close to peaking. This show leans towards country artists and youthful singers (teens and early 20s). Nevertheless, just like the powerhouses before her, you can always tell when the Voice is ready to get rid of them by assigning them dated / obscure songs. For me it isn’t about my favs winning. It’s about them making it into the top 4, and that some where along the way they might perform one of my favorite songs.

    • Random Guy says:

      LEE About then giving away powerhouses I see. Let’s use Ali for example.

    • LEE says:

      Kimberly Nicole, Sasha Allen, Amanda Brown, Frenchie Davis, Sisaundra Lewis,
      Sarayah, etc

  12. Shrek says:

    First of all Janice 100% did not deserve to even be in the bottom two! TbhI was hoping red would go home! Plus Janice was way better than shi’ann! I just can’t believe this I’m done with this stupid show

  13. real one says:

    Janice sent hme
    This is a joke right?

  14. Sebastian McCall says:

    Ali Caldwell ROUBADA
    Janice ROUBADA
    Agora entendemos pq a Miley tem uma artista country razoável e deixou as melhores cantoras do time dela pros outros times.

  15. Dayvideo says:

    Cheetah girls

  16. Lv Lv says:

    I didnt notice how experience counts! Miley looked so comfortable on stage! Im not throwing shade to the rest, just saying

  17. madman says:

    Janice really went home???? Jesus why

  18. Lisa L says:

    Y’all Janice was really robbed she was number one trending on twitter and Adam was nowhere to be found like how did she lose bruh

    • Mark tafua says:

      Lisa L wait what?! I’m from Australia did Janice get out ?

    • Random Guy says:

      Lisa L Janice OR Adam shouldn’t have been in the bottom two! Especially Janice! I swear, someone’s hacking! It’s really heartbreaking to see Janice go, I really thought she would win. Heck, Mikey was CRYING, and I bet she knows that Janice being in the bottom two is ridiculous.
      And you know what’s funny? Ali from Season 11 got the same BS as Janice got! It honestly makes me sad…

    • Rochelle Barrow says:

      Yes she was they was know ones on that stage good as her that woman was bad

    • Rochelle Barrow says:

      I believe all that is fixed got to be fixed cuz there’s no way she should have been gone

  19. Divo Galindra says:

    You might hate her personality but you cant deny that Miley is the most talented artist at her age

    • Taylor Duncan says:

      Justin Beiber is kinda good. Ariana. Demi. Harry Styles is more talented and his debut album is better than any of Miley’s albums

    • Adriana Donado says:

      I do believe she stands out from her peers in a very positive way, with her personality and talent

    • kjoshi31 says:

      Demi’s vocal range is impeccable compared to Miley, and sure Miley is talented, but let’s be real, she’s only remained relevant because of the scandal and controversy she’s caused, not her talent. Demi has natural talent and that’s a fact.

    • roger viduya says:

      Divo Galindra I love Miley but I disagree with you. Can I brought up Taylor Swift here? she may not be best at the vocal, but she’s really talented af.

    • #Random Topics says:

      what does has to do vocal range with a proper technique? LOL A widely vocal range doesnt guarantee a good technique

  20. Vicente Nunez says:

    I can’t believe Janice went home. If Brooke or Chloe or Noah don’t I’ll be pissed

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