The Voice 2017 – The Season 13 Voice Champion Is…

The Voice 2017 – The Season 13 Voice Champion Is…

Addison and Chloe find out who won The Voice Season 13.
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NBC’s The Voice follows the strongest vocalists from across the country and invites them to compete in this season’s blockbuster vocal competition.

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The Voice 2017 USA YouTube channel features exclusive content with The Voice coaches, highlights from The Voice auditions, interviews with The Voice winners, as well as The Voice recaps and results. Learn more about The Voice contestants, The Voice tour, the eliminations, and follow your favorite performers all the way to the finale. In season 13, Jennifer Hudson joins returning coaches Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, and welcomes back Miley Cyrus as celebrity musician coaches, while Carson Daly continues to serve as host. The show’s innovative format features five stages of competition: the first begins with the blind auditions, followed by the battle rounds, the knockouts, the live playoffs and finally, the live performance shows.

The Voice 2017 – The Season 13 Voice Champion Is…

The Voice

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86 Responses

  1. antonio rucker says:

    So happy, I wanted Chloe to win from the start ❤

  2. Violeta Paz says:

    First! Loved Chloe’s reaction 🌹🌹and Addison’s support 🎶🎶

  3. becky castillo says:

    And Miley picked Ashland over Chloe ….

  4. Camilo Soriano says:

    The three finalists were on team Miley

    • Sabtu Salehon says:

      Camilo Soriano milley let go the winner so early.

    • pearpenguin says:

      I keep thinking that Miley threw away her chance to win. But It’s hard to know if things would have gone the same way if they were her final three without Ashland and Janice. Maybe Miley fans would have split some of the vote and the song choices may have been different. Hard to speculate what may have happened. I hope she isn’t kicking herself too hard over this.

    • Nicole Jarel says:

      Camilo Soriano woah that’s crazy. She was probably so proud to see them all three up there despite what team they all ended up on.

    • Rama Drama says:

      I dont know, if they all in Miley team, i dont think all of them can be in finale, somebody gonna get Rob , but i love this top 3. Thank god this is what happened

  5. Frank Edwardi says:

    Best winner of all time idc what anyone says

    However. All top three were some of the best contestants ever. If some had been on different seasons they would have won as well. We truly did have 3 winners in one season which make THIS the best season ever.

  6. Ratana chea says:

    Congratulation Chloe 😁and wrong decision Miley

  7. Blake Shelton Has a big penis says:

    Chloe wins the voice


  8. jessica cupidon says:

    Hummmmmm that was a good lesson for miley you rejected her for your country girl now she won this shoul be you Miley not Blake but let me tell you something blake is very smart man he taken her because he knows chloe has something special in her and the day he steal her i remember he laughed and said i wanted you so bad in my team and he said i can’t believe she left you anyway well done Blake and chloe

    • lovely carson says:

      Since her first audition Blake said I want you so bad in my team , like you said Blake is a very smart man he has taste .

    • jessica cupidon says:

      Eric Bank i am trying to do the best i can eric Bank it’s been only 7 years since i am in america i do my best to explain myself

    • jessica cupidon says:

      I am trying to do the best i can to esxplain myself thanks for the advice but i didn’t raise in america. I have only 7years in America soo for me i do the best i can please excuse me if i didn’t writing properly but i am trying to do my best anyway i am sure some people will understand me .thank you

    • randy lavallee says:

      Eric..not everybody is intelligent like you ..really man lighten up!!

    • Abigail Vazquez says:

      Eric Bank This are youtube comments👏 not an essay or resume😂. I’m happy for Chloe❤

  9. Troy and Chase says:


  10. Lunaa Eklips says:

    Both Miley and Adam picked country contestants to beat Blake, and he ended up winning with a rock star! #irony
    Congrats Queen CHLOE!

    • super honest says:

      thousandyard gavri278 craig was a rare double steal..

    • richard morabtio says:

      Jessica Hassock But Ashland was.

    • Eliana Maria Irion Poppendieck says:

      Sorry , but Addison waS THE BEST . WAS THE ONLY ONE TO HAVE ALL THE THREE PERFORMANCES OF THE FINAL IN THE TOP TEN. Curiously she did not win .I think the fans of Blake are really loyal and vote for his candidates no matter what . High quality … its not for many.

    • kahhowman says:

      Alex Aguiar josh kaufman was stolen by usher and he won. He even won over christina grimmie. So it happend before already.

    • yuizari1 says:

      Ainrofilac * its better that way, if miley picked chloe, blake would stole ashland and we will go by country’s overwhelming votes again and blake would still win

  11. Frank Valenzuela says:

    Brooke was robbed
    Not fair 😲😲😲

    • Vickram Singh says:

      In my opinion brooke was only good last week because that was the only performance were brooke did good.

    • Steve Patraw says:

      People saying that Brooke should have won do not pay attention. Chloe was #1 on Itunes all year. Number one downloaded and number 1 on YouTube!! so how people can say this was rigged is beyond me.

    • Frank Valenzuela says:

      Chloe was good but Brook was way better ,

    • vOlCaNiC says:

      As I looked at it. Brooke showed more range, better control, more emotions, better stage presents. Chole rarely changed keys Most her songs were just one key throughout songs. Example (stan). Just because you have a more unique voice doesn’t mean you should win.

    • Frank Valenzuela says:

      I completly agree with you ,
      I couldnt have said it better myself ,🎯

  12. Jenn Blue says:

    Well there goes Adam’s streak of winning every 4th season. I’m so happy Chloe won!

  13. Jessica Hassock says:

    I’m glad Chloe won, she’s very unique! 💕 But I still love Brooke!

    • agnet nord says:

      Don’t be sad. Brooke career will be taking over after that show. I believe many music labels can’t wait to put their hands on the voices from this show. Chloe was my fav from her first audition and I’m glad she won too.

  14. RMF4tez says:

    I would have been happy if either one of them won and I think that says a lot about the talent of these two ladies (and brooke too)

  15. Dream1ng says:

    I’m glad that one of the three ladies won. They are all so talented.

    • villannn says:

      Same. I couldn’t root against any of them, and would have been happy for any one of the female singers. I like Red okay, but there is someone just like him on Blake’s team every year.

    • Dream1ng says:

      yeah, red is talented too but in a different way if that makes any sense. Maybe it’s because i don’t listen to country often but he’s just not on the same caliber as the other 3.

    • Trey says:

      If Keisha was in the finale over Red, then the finale would have been a lot harder

  16. Keith Quinto says:

    when you realize that the top 3 of the voice is from team miley

  17. Divo Galindra says:

    I still remember comment on her blind audition that she looks like with Dakota Fanning, and now I can’t believe she won the Voice. Gosh time flies but she well deserved and I can’t wait for her album.

    • EvilTracy Queen Juggalo says:

      I remember seeing your comment from the Blind Audition .. you were like the 6 comment with a bunch of replies . And YES you did say she looked like Dakota . Good Call … well I’ll be looking for your comments in February on the Blind Auditions .

    • richard morabtio says:

      Dakota Fanning was playing Cherrie Currie who Chloe looks and sounds like her.. Check out Runaways version of Cherry Bomb on youtube.

    • LifeAsWeKnow E says:

      Divo Galindra I agree! Love Chloe

    • Ricardo Raúl Gutiérrez González says:

      Divo Galindra you are so cute!

  18. robertantonnyc says:

    Miley could have Won the show. All the Top 3 are from her team. smh

    • JP Andaquig says:

      FujiAgaro not always. Christina & Alicia had breakthroughs in Seasons 10 & 12 respectively

    • Merci Santos says:

      robertantonnyc I thaught the same…

    • Trey says:

      JP Andaquiq, reading your comment made me realize that Miley’s been cheated twice. She should have won Season 11 with Ali Caldwell and Season 13 with Brooke. Maybe the producers didnt want a streak of victories among the female coaches

    • vanilla50 says:

      Seems like Miley was too focused on only the voice of Brooke and having a country artist with Blake in mind. Miley overlooked there were no really winning level country talents to worry about and Brooke was not so blessed with the performance piece- even in past shows, Miley has insisted performance/charisma is equally or more important to voice. Actually while Brooke has a beautiful voice, her type of voice is not rare or unique in the business, as can be seen in the guest performances. This opened up the lanes for Chloe (outstanding performance + unique and very good voice) and Addison (very good performance + unique voice and very good voice). While Brooke was super solid with her voice, was not as good as Chloe and Addison with the uniqueness and charisma, THAT IS WHAT THE VOTERS SAID. They all are super talented and all will do well in the business if they are willing to work hard.

  19. Simon James says:

    I’m so happy for Chloe! She is so talented and deserved it. Also I’m glad she won with Blake, they made such a great team together.

  20. Andy Zuliansyah says:

    Lol if only miley didnt give up Chloe from her team. She would be the Winner coach. Regardless, Chloe would’ve won whether which team she’s in it. Congrats🤗🤗🤗

    • Leo Palmer says:

      I don’t think so. I don’t think Addison or Chloe would have been the same artists if they stayed on Mileys team. Adam was a much better fit for Addison and Blake let Chloe be herself and pick her own path.

    • yuizari1 says:

      Andy Zuliansyah its making, me think, if chloe is not with blake, she wont win the voice, chloe improved/loved much when changed coach to blake

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