The Voice 2018 Battle – Britton Buchanan vs. Jaclyn Lovey: “Thinking Out Loud”

The Voice 2018 Battle – Britton Buchanan vs. Jaclyn Lovey: “Thinking Out Loud”

Britton Buchanan battles Jaclyn Lovey on Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud.”
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The Voice 2018 Battle – Britton Buchanan vs. Jaclyn Lovey: “Thinking Out Loud”

The Voice

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83 Responses

  1. Zetro Gaming says:

    YAY! They both advanced. Jaclyns voice is so ANGELIC and SWEET!! shes so UNDERRATED! Britton is obvi amazing, but for some reason I feel he struggled a lil, maybe cause he was nervous. IDK, but Im Happy for them Both (just wish Jaclyn won)

  2. a mukherjee says:

    I think Jaclyn looks stunning and has a beautiful voice, but I foresee Britton winning this battle. I’d imagine him getting a lot of votes for his charisma and quirky charm. His voice is also very powerful. Especially considering his youth, I’d go with Britton on this one.

    Edit: I was right. I’m glad Blake stole Jaclyn though. I’d like to hear more from her.

  3. Peter Dang says:

    You guys can disagree, but I think Jaclyn won this battle 100%. She was angelic, passionate and beautiful. I actually thought she would be going home but BLAKE SAVED THE DAYYY!! Britton was really good too. But I just thought Jaclyn would win.

    • Lisa Murphy says:

      Britton is miles beyond her. She’s got a nice voice but he is a stand out.

    • carmen rosewood says:

      Her first line was very pretty… but past that, her voice sounded a bit strained to me, especially against Britton’s voice. It made me feel uncomfortable lol, but her voice is nice at some parts. She sounded a lot less nasally/strained in her blind auditions though so it’s the song choice.

    • Steyrix says:

      she sings in her comfort zone, while Britton is hitting notes and showing grit and rasp.

    • StyckyRyce says:

      Exactly what I thought. Britton did show more variety, but there were some parts where he could of refined. This song isn’t Jaclyn’s style, but she did make it her own with her undeniable tone. Then again, it was very very close and all this is just my opinion.

  4. Prof Hoff says:

    Somehow I enjoyed this even more than the original and that’s really saying something. I wish somehow these amazing duets were at least one week of the lives.

  5. Lindsay Coffer says:

    Britton was WAYYYYY better

  6. King Sass says:

    Why they so scared to hug each other BUT Jaclyn standed out in this performance glab she’s off Alicia team

    • Canadas Cousin says:

      Faisal AL ghmadi and she confirmed she’s racist too

    • PintheDog says:

      +Mizuka Young Gary _will_ be montaged tomorrow. I didn’t see any sign of him in any promos for tomorrow’s episode.

    • Mingwen Gt says:

      Stood* out

    • Mizuka Young says:

      RR Love02 Yeah I’d be sad to see Kelsea go as well. Same goes for Miya but they will make the lives I’m sure. I only hope that Miya and Kelsea gets stolen by another coach if they lose their knockouts.

    • Mizuka Young says:

      PintheDog Sads but I think you’re right. I love Gary’s voice and he is one of Adam’s best male singers on his team but since he is up against Angel then they will be montaged. Oh well.

  7. Ruthira Kapuruge says:

    They both are winners tbh

    • CL Cathy says:

      🔴🔴🔴 *şẾχγ GĨŗĿŠ* ► [ ] ◄ *şẾχγ GĨŗĿŠ* 🔴🔴🔴
      🔴🔴🔴 *şẾχγ GĨŗĿŠ* ► [ ] ◄ *şẾχγ GĨŗĿŠ* 🔴🔴🔴
      🔴🔴🔴 *şẾχγ GĨŗĿŠ* ► [ ] ◄ *şẾχγ GĨŗĿŠ* 🔴🔴🔴

    • Gia Belostock says:

      Ruthira Kapuruge truuuuuuuuuu

    • Skittles Gaming says:

      Ruthira Kapuruge shut your gay self up

  8. Celtic Warlock says:

    Blake just grabbed his seventh win.

    • eevieme says:

      blake has the weakest last season? dont think so, he aint the weakest team when chloe is clearly one of the front runner of the competition last season. she is not just charismatic contestant, she definitely gave great performances on the show. even keisha renee is a strong contender last season. so nu-uh team blake is not the weakest team.

    • jay charleston says:

      Keikousaba she’s good but she’s not the best on this season. Sweet voice but with her genre, tone, timbre, and range I can’t see her winning. I feel no warmth or power from her voice

    • Fb C says:

      eevieme yes he is! Without Chloe which is by the way he stole from Miley, his team would have no chance Winning.. but of course with Blake’s magic, he would still have a contestant at the top 3, well that’s already given.

    • Dave Williams says:

      Fb C you call Blake’s Magic that some people only vote for his team members because those are TeamBlake? I think it’s stupid and unfair for other people

    • Fb C says:

      Dave Williams yes it is! it’s reality show and that’s real talk. Someone with voice, charisma and solid fan base wins the show. Deal with it.

  9. robertantonnyc says:

    Such sweet young voices. Britton has more experience and presence but Jaclyn has such an uplifting tone. I’m glad she got a steal. – So You Wanna Be A Singer

  10. Hi People says:

    Britton was amazing, he deserves win this battle. But honestly I’m a fans of Jaclyn, and yeah, this song is doesn’t match for her voice, so not kinda match but I’m happy Blake steal her. So congratulations girl, I’m happy for you.

    • William Cronin says:

      Love Jacyln, but she has a very unique voice suited for a particular sound, gonna be tough for her to be flexible thru all the genres she’ll need to master. Love her though….and she looked absolutely amazing!!!

    • Logan Trimmer says:

      This actually was a pretty good song for her voice

    • Hi People says:

      Logan Trimmer actually yes, it’s good for her voice but not match, because she is battle with the best voice for this song. And at some part was not good to hear, and for me personally think I don’t found a chemistry at this battle. Jaclyn good at classic song, like slow song but not using bit much high note or just flat note. But good if she want to explore

    • Jared says:

      wow this was a well written statement I agree too

  11. richard morabtio says:

    Blake did it again stole the next winner.

  12. Paige Holt says:


  13. csc lil says:

    Just personal taste but, Jaclyn voice does nothing to me

  14. somtitious says:

    Why does he look like Matt Deamon and she like a Julia Roberts ?🤔

  15. ac sb says:

    britton AIN’T playing!!!!

  16. Dion T. says:

    *0:58* they started harmonizing on *”People fall in love in mysterious ways”*

    And I was like “Yes, I’m falling in love with you guys mysteriously” 🙃

  17. RR Love02 says:

    “A match made in heaven, by a man sent from hell!” Oh my Adam 😂

  18. RR Love02 says:

    I feel like they like using the newer songs in the battles, I don’t hear many oldies.

  19. Sarah KaLia Yang says:

    Didn’t Kelly say she was gonna steal Jaclyn? But she didn’t

  20. Alysa V says:

    oh my heart just melted

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