The Voice Behind 250 of Your Favorite Cartoons

The Voice Behind 250 of Your Favorite Cartoons

You’ve heard his vocal stylings as Hermes Conrad in “Futurama,” the Green Lantern in “Justice League,” Ollie Williams in “Family Guy,” and, of course, as Jack in “Samurai Jack.” As the man behind over 250 of your favorite characters, Phil LaMarr is one of the most prolific voice actors in the biz. But beyond his vocal prowess, LaMarr has left his mark on all your favorite movies and TV shows, from an appearance in “Pulp Fiction,” to a featured regular role on MADtv.


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67 Responses

  1. Julie Eriksen says:

    This guy realy has talent!

  2. Justin Langan says:


  3. Tsukasa Hiiragi says:

    Literally watching billy and mandy last night and saw this video. Such a talented voice actor and had no idea he was such a massive part of my childhood.

    • Tyrone Cunningham says:

      Tsukasa Hiiragi Same here, dude. I grew up with his voice on my television everyday, and never knew it was he who did so many of the voices to the cartoons I watched.

  4. Hang Thanh says:

    what the hell ? he did Samurai Jack voice? 😲😲😲 Gasp

  5. Christian Alonso says:

    This Man is a Legend!

  6. Kody Jackson says:


  7. FlyingFocs says:

    I think I first knew him as Carver from Weekenders. And then I found out he was Static, and the James Marsden was both Tino from Weekenders AND… Static’s friend and, well, that was my first headcanon.

  8. Darlene Troise says:

    I remember him as the UPS guy on MadTV, I loved that show. I never understood SNL, but Mad TV was right up my alley.
    Edit: I indeed was a 14 year old in the 90s

  9. Fahmi A says:

    but how he survived that shot from vincent ?

  10. John Chu says:

    I just saw him in an episode of “Superstore” as a voice actor making appearance at Cloud Nine for the release of a video game.

  11. wenski says:

    I’d love there to be an Oscar for voice acting

  12. VikingWizardEyes says:

    My Manwich!

  13. Shotgun Mongol says:

    God I wish he went into how he did Bolbi from Jimmy Neutron.

  14. Ajnicehair19 says:

    They need to bring back static shock!!!

    • 20 Dollar Gold Piece says:

      DC can’t because of legal reasons

    • Ajnicehair19 says:

      I thought DC obtained the rights cause didn’t they have a comic series for Static and plus he is in Young Justice so isn’t he a DC property? I know he wasn’t originally DC owned

    • 20 Dollar Gold Piece says:

      DC owned the publishing rights they but never actually owned the character.
      I don’t know how DC got to use him in YJ but they can’t put him in games and comics atm, because of a legal battle with Dwayne McDuffy’s (creator of Static) wife.

    • Tyrone Cunningham says:

      20 Dollar Gold Piece Thanks for that piece of information. I had heard that DC was in the process of trying to get his film rights, I guess to use him in a future film.

  15. Anthony Jones says:

    He has more voices then Tara strong

  16. xEpic Free Timex says:

    Dracula don’t suck
    Dracula scrape and lick

  17. Staringathesun says:

    “This is Phil LaMarr. He’s a voice actor.”

    Please, he is THE voice actor.

  18. KTM Trooper says:

    But is he lamar from GTA V?

  19. WOOJONG says:

    What a cool story lol

  20. Deema AL-Baghli says:

    *gasps for ten minutes after knowing who the voice of samurai Jack is* then realised he voiced more of my favourites.

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