‘The Voices’ Official trailer 2015

‘The Voices’ Official trailer 2015

Likeable Jerry (Ryan Reynolds) stumbles innocently into the role of a killer, guided along the way by his evil talking cat and benevolent talking dog.

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16 Responses

  1. jennyB07 says:

    ??????? what the hell

  2. superline51 says:

    Why does the cat have to be evil huh?

  3. mafijaspravi says:

    well this escaleted quickly

  4. Art Vasch says:

    SWEET! This must be that Deadpool origin film.

  5. Ros Inott says:

    Well ..really good so far . dog & cat talking 

  6. Наталия В. says:

    М-м-м… Говорящий котик, “убить всех человеков” и немного Декстера в
    холодной воде.
    Смотреть, однозначно.

  7. ryan white says:

    i saw this at the toronto film festival. really good movie. weirdest,
    greatest, most random ending to film ever

  8. Dan King says:

    Benjamin Cat

  9. Annony Mous says:


  10. I AM BATMAN says:

    Is this deadpools origins story 

  11. Great Joke says:

    This looks promising.

  12. Player Fist says:

    wow know I’m excited for the deadpool movie

  13. Demonkai Mugen says:

    wtf wow

  14. Deadeye287 says:

    Damn, Doctor Doolittle is gonna have a hell of a time dealing with this dog
    and cat, especially the cat… damn that cat.

  15. Daniel Wood says:

    Oh Anna first Life After Beth now this …..

  16. Abyalew Bayu says:

    So original!