The Walking Dead: ‘Choices’ Official Sneak Peek Ep. 703

The Walking Dead: ‘Choices’ Official Sneak Peek Ep. 703

Daryl is on Negan’s turf now. Don’t miss the next episode of The Walking Dead, Sunday, November 6 at 9/8c. #TheWalkingDead #TWD

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Sneak Peek of Daryl as the Saviors’ Prisoner in “The Cell”

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20 Responses

  1. griff says:

    do you think Dwight will help Daryl escape?

  2. Beyond says:


  3. John “xKill2Thrillx” White says:


  4. Dario Rivera says:

    negan’s a fool for not killing daryl.

  5. DeadPool says:

    Fuck Off with the promo vids AMC………….
    …….We already know that it’s Abe and Gle…
    Oh wait it already came out

  6. The Weiser says:


  7. Dutil41 says:

    Daryl is Dwight’s bitch now ;(

  8. liam candlish says:

    I just can’t wait till the end of the season where everyone on our side
    gets revenge ??

  9. Hard31337 says:

    Dude needs to trim his nose hairs.

  10. grey Jedi says:

    so his options are Die or Iron to the face?………………………….

  11. Trevschan2 says:

    Another damn A!!! WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN BASIL?

  12. Julia Youngstedt says:

    But will someone let enid out of that closet?

  13. Bryan Manning says:

    They should do another spin off of TWD but instead of a boring family it
    would be a buddy comedy starring Daryl and Dwight.

  14. Rubic Cube says:

    daryl aint gonna take that shit

  15. kensredemption says:

    Can’t wait till Daryl gets his crossbow back.

  16. Alec Aquino says:

    Fuck Dwight. That crossbow will ALWAYS belong to Daryl.

  17. Platinum Poop says:

    I love this show, but the most of the fans are stupid and annoying.

  18. Daniel Kuang says:

    Waiter: what do you want
    Negan: Korean bbq and a tall ginger ale

  19. Maphiro611 says:

    This sneak peek should be longer….like 45 minutes.

  20. PotatoWielder 9001 says:

    Oh man. AMC’s completely off tone outro always gets me. *DRAMATIC WALKING
    DEAD* *fucking jazz guitar outro*