The Walking Dead: ‘Give Them What They Want’ Official Sneak Peek Ep. 704

The Walking Dead: ‘Give Them What They Want’ Official Sneak Peek Ep. 704

Rosita’s scavenging trip is put on hold when a surprise visitor arrives at Alexandria. Don’t miss the next episode The Walking Dead, Sunday, November 13 at 9/8c. #TheWalkingDead #TWD

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20 Responses

  1. TangoProductions says:

    Dun dun dun dun dun dun, XD NEGAN

  2. Polar333Bear says:

    We’re on easy street and it feels so sweet…

  3. salg says:

    1:16 perfect time to light them up and rush over to their compound and take
    them by surprise.

  4. Vizer's World says:

    “Little pig little piigg, LET ME IN!!!”

  5. Alejandro Ramirez says:

    yooo the way Negan walks up to the Gate its Funny but cool lolol

  6. EntertainmentMixing says:

    i think it would have been pretty more scary if negan were to roll up to
    the gates playing the song he used to toture daryl

  7. Jonn Whitehead says:

    That was a Freemason knock at the door

  8. Charisma313 says:

    I’m sorry Negan’s character is needed on the show. I don’t wanna see him
    leave now, he’s gold.

  9. Solid Creations (God of them hands) says:

    I swear they’re going to end up raping Rosita, she better hide or
    something, cus she too damn fine.

  10. Cole Lutz says:

    Next week, things get gutsy ;)

  11. The Walking Fan says:

    Little pig, little pig let me in

  12. Eric Tolson says:

    Who else hated the song the saviors were playing while Daryl was locked
    up.”were on easy street,and it feels so sweet”

  13. OW_it_broke says:

    I’m so fuckin scared for the next ep

  14. Okemicco says:

    Nice silhouette in the middle of the day. Unrealistic in real life, but

  15. MoreBossThenU WillEverBe says:

    Negan banging on that gate is creepy as shit

  16. Javory Duncan says:

    Rosita always being a bitch to Eugene like damn he’s fighting walkers and
    killing now what do you want from him damn

  17. Skylock Pranks says:

    I love negan so much ????

  18. Jasmine Velasquez says:

    I kinda wish they’d gone with the comics and had the saviors only use melee
    weapons. The saviors threat was always sheer numbers not amazing weaponry.
    Finding out they have people with snipers and shit hiding and following
    Negan wherever he goes is supposed to be a surprise

  19. MrHogslice says:

    They need to torture Glenns baby or prison rape Rick next so they can keep
    the psychopaths that watch this show entertained.

  20. Conner Edlauer says:

    is eugene working on the radio from the comics