The Walking Dead: ‘Right Hand Man’ Season 7 Official Sneak Peek

The Walking Dead: ‘Right Hand Man’ Season 7 Official Sneak Peek

Rick threatens Negan. Don’t miss the Season 7 Premiere of The Walking Dead, Sunday, October 23 at 9/8c.

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Sneak Peek: The Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere

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20 Responses

  1. Greenixod says:

    For a second there, I thought Negan was going to lick the hatchet that was
    handed to him

  2. Kevin McKinzie says:

    Everyone knows Aaron takes it like a champ

  3. Darren Wiggins says:

    Right hand man means that Rick’s right hand man, Darlyl is gonna die. Right
    hand man also means that Rick’s left hand is probably gonna get chopped

  4. LiveDieTrolling says:

    INB4 Rick kills him with that axe

  5. ButterMango says:

    still salty about that cliffhanger

  6. Rikin Patel says:

    READ THIS PLEASE. Also before we get started spoiler alert. So we know he
    probably killed more than one since he stated many times in this video
    contextually that more than one is dead. but now we know that someone to
    the right of Rick is definitely gonna get it. How? The blood on his face. I
    double checked and that blood splatter was not on his face already, so this
    means 3 are very likely gonna die: Maggie, Seamus , or Michonne. Since
    Maggie is closest to Rick, you would assume that she is definitly gonna
    take the bat, but no. In a shot, you can clearly see that Maggie is much
    too short to get any blood on Rick’s face like that. So we have to assume
    Seamus is Dead-us. Seamus is taller than Maggie so it wouldn’t be hard for
    blood to get on Rick. We know that Michones blood wouldn’t travel that far
    so we are good there.

  7. Aly Millane says:

    It was obviously Abraham tf how did you guys not catch that from the start?
    The splatters on the left of his face, Abraham was 2 over to the right.
    Maggie was right next to him but if it were her, the splatter would be much
    bigger on his face. Lastly, you could hear Maggie whisper “glen” and glen
    say “noo” so they’re both out

  8. JerrytheBaum says:

    If It’s Abraham that’s gonna suck. He was growing on me.

  9. Victor Gaspar says:

    Let’s all give Negan a great big hand!!!

  10. Michael Grant says:

    Yoooo he gonna cut his arm off noooooo ?

  11. Z3M says:

    Im just going to say it now, its Abraham.. :(

  12. YMSA says:

    Confirmed it is not Carl or Michonne. you can be 100% sure on that. Not
    enough emotion for it to have been Carl or Michonne.

  13. Matt Jennings says:

    am I the only one who doesn’t give a fuq who negan killed? I just wanna
    know if Negan is gonna cut off Rick’s right hand

  14. Wonder Boy says:

    how does rick walk around with balls that huge

  15. I am Hello says:

    Did he just butt fuck Rick?

    This show just took a turn for the Tumblr. I don’t think he “raped” anyone
    in the comics, so if Rick gets raped here you know it’s for SJW reasons…

  16. Vanté Harrison says:

    My heart started beating fast once i pressed play, I’m ready for this to be
    over ?

  17. Mega Chopsticks says:

    Guys Daryl’s blanket is beside all of the blood…. :(

  18. Anthony Mendez says:

    I’m kinda worried about Rick could Negan cute off his hand with the axe?

  19. micah alec says:

    rip ricks hand

  20. ghosted says:

    damnn smashed my dude carl to a pulp