The Walking Dead Season 10 Comic-Con Trailer

The Walking Dead Season 10 Comic-Con Trailer

In the fight against the Whisperers, there’s no going back.

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87 Responses

  1. Rick Grimes says:

    I’m so excited! This is going to be the longest two days of my life!

  2. Arthur Guillen says:

    Well time to watch the other walking dead trailers again.

  3. justarandomnooby says:

    I have mix feelings about this. But im loving the comedy. Not sure how I feel about Michone and Ezekiel. But YA BOI NEGAN OUT

  4. Juice9512 says:

    The Whisperer War…begins

  5. L says:

    Daryl and Carol talking about bestie bracelets has got me dying of laughter.

  6. Brotherhoodleader16 says:

    Magna: If we get caught on their side of the border, that’s it, it’s war!

    Daryl: 2:31

  7. Right Republicans says:

    Why is Daryl always punching somebody in every trailer? Lmao

    • BakonDonutty says:

      Destiny Ybarra I cursed you out because I thought you were just another Twd hater that I see in the comments. But clearly you care for the story even if it is just for the comics

    • Destiny Ybarra says:

      @John Doe brown and proud i dont have to do anything and as long as your around to embarrass yourself my stock keeps rising so yes and thank you please keep up the silly antics

    • John Doe says:

      @Destiny Ybarra Lmfao every comment you post just makes you look more like a braindead troglodyte. “Your stock” yeah okay dumbass. The only one causing antics here is you, complaining about white people on a walking dead video of all places. You are pathetic, and your misplaced self righteousness only makes you look like a tool.

    • lel says:

      I don’t know.

    • LORDE OWS THE KING says:

      Why not? Dumbass statement that got two many likes. 2019 in a nutshell..

  8. L2Luridus says:

    Premiered today but comments from two days ago? Shills.

    • Rowdy says:

      It was a premiere, before it Aired they had a timer counting down to the release of the trailer. You could comment during that time.

  9. Abigail Todahl says:

    Why don’t we eat and not talk – Daryl Dixon ?

  10. Zomb Leader Studios says:

    0:49 “Fear is dangerous, it can drive us apart again”

    Youre right Michonne it took Morgan and Dwight away

  11. Raheem J says:

    Captain America: I can do this all day

    Eugene: I can go all night

  12. SuperCoolGamer8 says:

    Rick:”Michonne I’m back!”
    *season 1 and 2 flash backs*
    Rick:”Ah shit here we go again…”

  13. Real Reactions says:

    This looks so fresh and new. The way the camera moves to the angles and themes. I like the new direction.

    • BigDope says:

      It reassuring to here this because i have’nt watched any of 9 because of how bad it got for me in 7-8 might have to catch up

    • Real Reactions says:

      BigDope season 9 is like a completely different show. The music , the characters, the dialogue, the camera work, etc it’s all fresh and different from all before it but it’s still the walking dead. Make up is better , it’s really like a brand new show. I can’t wait for this season.

    • MacGuffin says:

      @Real Reactions Definitely. It got harder to watch too when I started reading the comic, which doesn’t have these pacing issues. I did a rewatch not long ago. It wasn’t as bad when you can just binge, but even with the benefit of binge watching, I had to fast forward a lot of stuff. It could have been pared down a lot, but the show always had to hit that 16 episode quota.

    • MacGuffin says:

      @BigDope Yeah, you should start watching again. First half of season 9 is an improvement, but I think when it really gets good is a couple episodes before the midseason finale. The back half is just amazing. Though, I don’t want to hype it too much. Try to go in thinking it will suck just in case lol.

    • Real Reactions says:

      MacGuffin I was just gonna say watching it week by week is UNBEARABLE but binging it isn’t as bad. Doesn’t fix the show but it helps with pacing.

  14. Andeddo Zonbi says:

    Two things triggered me….

    Negan back in his cell….
    And Michonne is now with Ezekiel…. With Rick alive…. The man just can’t catch a break….

  15. A leaf says:

    Captain America: “I can do this all day”
    Eugene: “I can go all night” 2:54

  16. HunterMan370 says:

    Rick has no luck when it comes to loyalty and wives ?

  17. sad dog says:

    To all the people blaming michone for cheating rick has been presumed dead for like 5 years in twd timeline

  18. Cassie Taylor ASMR says:

    I wanna see some best friend bracelets between Carol and Daryl now ?

  19. Deric Jackman says:

    As long as Daryl and Eugene live, I’m a happy camper.

  20. Ty Wilson says:

    Did Michonne and Ezikel just……..
    WE RIOT TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!

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