The Walking Dead: Season 7 Comic-Con 2016 Official Trailer

The Walking Dead: Season 7 Comic-Con 2016 Official Trailer

Get an early look at Season 7 before it premieres in October. For more The Walking Dead videos:

Official The Walking Dead Season 7 Comic-Con Trailer

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20 Responses

  1. xBlazingShadow says:

    Step 1: Get Sheiva
    Step 2: Find Neegan
    Step 3: ???
    Step 4: Profit

  2. Caleb Umberger says:

    why walking dead trying so hard to be game of thrones

  3. Whippybox_grHD! says:

    ill gross!! ‘~’
    -Why tf is Lucille so clean?
    -Why tf does Negan have a beard?


  4. Ashley Gonalez says:

    the show looks like it’s going downhill

  5. Gabe Moreira says:

    i just want to see the tiger eat walkers and began

  6. Robbie Clarke says:

    was Rick Just Killed?

  7. Tirzeh Hubbs says:


  8. Abdur Rafi says:

    Wow. Glenn will die it says it in the comics. :(

  9. TheStewieOne says:

    I hate this show. If they don’t kill of Glenn by Negan, then I’m done with
    this fucking show.

  10. Cindy Chambers says:

    I can’t wait for the season to BEGIN!

  11. 012345678963475 says:

    I’m sorry but Game of thrones is a much better show. They also know how to
    put together a trailer.

  12. Cotton says:


  13. Jesse Birsty says:

    this show is turning into a game of thrones type of thing wtf

  14. stormcaller 0110 says:

    i like how they didn’t show us who the fuck negan killed. ( sarcasm x’s
    1,000 )

  15. Johann Adam Fresco says:

    Negan was a disappointment for me, he seemed weak in the finale. I wanted
    him to be completely silent and just kill someone and then explain himself.

  16. AlliedForces says:

    safe to say neegan doesn’t kill carrol ?

  17. David Farley says:

    Will Dwight become a good guy maybe but I highly doubt it

  18. skmydkyafag says:

    I tried to watch this. This show is gay

  19. rekt_& _fukt says:

    maggie is alive she was behind negan at

  20. Naruto Uzumaki says:

    What a completely garbage trailer. The Walking Dead sucks, nothing but a
    shitty pathetic show only losers watch.