The Walking Dead Season 8 Official Comic-Con Trailer

The Walking Dead Season 8 Official Comic-Con Trailer

It’s all-out war in Season 8. Don’t miss the Season 8 Premiere of The Walking Dead, Sunday, October 22 at 9/8c on AMC.

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20 Responses

  1. Blake Bauman says:

    TWD is ending soon, All the Walkers will decay and die.

  2. SCRUBLORD says:

    Last season was retarded, if you don’t agree you apparently like denial

  3. jonathan seto says:

    wait does Shiva die, cause looking onto the scene where she got surrounded made me question if they were going to kill off the tiger. I know in the comic she dies by saving Ezekiel.

  4. James Bartholomew Pretzel Nugget says:

    This is the worst trailer ever

  5. AlohaAllDayLong says:

    Did anyone one realize that the title wasn’t decayed, but refurbished? 🤔

  6. 797ation says:

    It would make sense for Rick to wish it was all a dream and to just wake up in that hospital with lori and carl and shane there. Maybe he will have a dream like that. Just to tease the fans.

  7. Star_City_Mayor says:

    The lighting in the last shot is what this show usually does when it’s a dream sequence (like when they showed the heavenly picnic last season).

  8. Dr. Hartman says:

    The ending is a time jump In the comics Negan hurts rick legs that’s why there’s a cane

  9. Co2Fizzy_36 says:

    Way better than Jake Paul’s music video.

  10. Cameron4anime says:

    Rick isn’t in a coma, Robert Kirkman said it would be a terrible idea, He was serious as well, but he said to MatPat, “We should shoot that scene just to mess with people though. 😆”

  11. The Pr3sT¡Ge says:

    This trailer had more action than the previous season

  12. Tristan Agard says:

    I’m hyped and I don’t care what people think! Yes the music is weird, but what really matters is the content in the video, we are going to be in for a ride!

  13. Marvelous Beats says:

    Holy shit… Did I just see Rick after the war/time skip, with the long beard and short hair, and a CANE?! Not gonna spoil it, but graphic novel readers knows what that means! Wow, I’m actually excited to see that just as much as the war, strangely. I really believe Rick’s gonna use that jail cell Morgan built for you know who at the end of AOW. Morgan’s “passaggressive​” ways might rub off on the “white Ricky Ross” (post war Rick). That’s tell me Rick *might* just lose a leg from a walker bite, Carl shooting him, his lady slicing it off with her katana, Carol cutting it with a chainsaw, Shiva eating it lol, or, Negan breaking Rick’s leg during a fight. I’ll like the people who don’t read the comic choose. 😉😎😁

  14. Gary Branham says:

    this doesn’t even seem like TWD anymore…

  15. Kevin Garcia says:

    bet Gabriel dies

  16. IronSkeleton Guardian says:

    Glenns dead whats the point anymore.

  17. Megaproductions302 says:

    Since Ive read the comics one of the scenes in here gave away a very heart wrenching moment that may happen and Im seriously not looking forward to it. For the sake of potential spoilers I won’t say it but as awesome as some of the things coming up are going to be there is still sadness to follow.

  18. Bryan Manning says:

    The end part with greybeard Rick is after the war.There will be a time skip and at the end of the war Negan breaks ricks leg.Season 9 will take place years after this season with a now older and very less mobile Rick.

  19. Sarbear says:

    Trailer was kind of cheesy but in a good 90’s action flick way. Daryl riding and blowing shit up was badass. And the fact that they trolled at the end with the “rick coma” bit made me chuckle 😝

  20. Just some person nobody cares about says:

    I do have my shitting pants on

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