The Walking Dead: ‘Where is Morgan?’ Sneak Peek Ep. 713

The Walking Dead: ‘Where is Morgan?’ Sneak Peek Ep. 713

Carol journeys to the Hilltop in search of Morgan. Don’t miss the next episode of The Walking Dead, Sunday, March 12 at 9/8c.

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20 Responses

  1. Ryan Ramasar says:

    “9 and you give the cat back.”

  2. Jailan Simon says:

    Carol is a savage ? she walked by them like she owned the place

  3. Abdul Sesay says:

    Rick and michone were such a badass couple this episode.

  4. alex rodriguez says:

    Carol needs to be told about Glenn. I need that badass carol back!!

  5. John Cena says:

    I need more Carol scenes, my god i feel like we barley seen her all season.

  6. Prick Grimes says:

    Morgan’s on Easy Street.

  7. katie kubesheskie says:

    I fuken love carol man what a gal

  8. just your friend says:

    Rosita needs to be patient she is just going to get more people killed at least Daryl knows the mistake he made when he punched negan and got Glenn killed

  9. kevinn says:

    That cgi deer tho

  10. SERGIO BACA says:

    Rosita is losing her mind, she needs some dick soon!!!



  12. LungSusage says:

    I feel like carols time is coming to an end sadly….

  13. Arez Eoz says:

    Morgan lost his stick. He’s going berserk again. ???

  14. thedondon911911 says:

    If the entire season had the same level of quality this last episode had (from the cinematography, emotion, etc.) it would’ve been the best season yet

  15. Clay Brazil says:

    I am so ready for All Out War!

  16. Demar Lawson says:

    oh shoot! I think Carol got her groove back! ?? perhaps she has a clue that Daryl lied to her

  17. Pops says:

    Why are the females from the kingdom so thiccc

  18. Tracen. says:

    That CGI deer looked as real as Michonne’s dreads

  19. Lord Lucas says:

    Damn Rick busted bout 10 nuts while out looking for guns lmao

  20. Bob Smittee says:

    If Carol goes into Rambo mode, that will mean the end for the Saviors.

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