The wall of eyes trained on the US – Mexico border

The wall of eyes trained on the US – Mexico border

There’s more to the border than just a wall.

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This dispatch is from the Rio Grande River, on the Texas side of the U.S. border with Mexico. I embedded with border patrol, to learn about the technology, techniques, and challenges of monitoring a section of the border with over 300 miles of river.

Vox Borders is a new international series focused on telling the human stories that emerge from lines on the map. I’ve traveled to five of six border locations to produce a final set of documentaries. While I travel I’m releasing video dispatches on YouTube and Facebook, documenting my experiences in a vlog that’s independent from the final Vox Borders documentaries. Learn more: is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what’s really driving the events in the headlines. Check out to get up to speed on everything from Kurdistan to the Kim Kardashian app.

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19 Responses

  1. Vox says:

    Almost done filming for Vox Borders! I’ve been to Japan, the Arctic, Haiti, and Mexico. Still have Spain and Nepal.

    If you’re interested in following the project, the best way to do it is Facebook:

    The six full docs. will be released in Fall, can’t wait to share them with you all.

    – Johnny

  2. Helix Wletcher says:

    Someone has to say it! The editing done is *godlike*

  3. Quintinohthree says:

    By the way, regarding 100 land miles corresponding to 300 river miles: the ratio is more like 1 land mile to π river miles on average. There’s a Numberphile video on this for those interested. Not to say that you were off by much, nor to detract from the video which is excellent and exposing an often discussed border, but simply to link others to some other interesting topics.

  4. Creepy Stares says:

    70B for a wall we don’t need if we spend enough on the border patrol. If Trump starts it, it won’t be finished by the time he is out and it will be cancelled. What a waste of our money. Not that HE cares, 1M per golf trip is nothing to him, why would this be?

  5. Ben Cool says:

    Dude..your stupid..we are a few yrs away from us border patrol being legally able to shoot all illegals trying to cross…

  6. Alex Dunkel says:

    Companies like those in the meat packing industry are known to ship illegal migrants in for cheap labor. Most of these companies are pro-Republican. No wall or technology is going to fix this problem. We need to stop exploiting the poor. That’s the solution.

  7. rabblerouser says:

    Ok, so do you have a better solution? Should we just go to war with Mexico and then turn them into a territory of the US? I’m ok with that, but I’m not ok with ignoring the laws or the sovereignty of our country just because you feel it’s nice to bring in low wage untaxable migrant workers as your modern slaves to do the dirty work. How about we follow the law, and make the path to citizenship more understandable by these people who want to move here. If they can’t become a citizen then they don’t belong here point blank. But if they were American citizens of the Mexican territory then it might be more understandable to allow the blatant ignorance of the law and then we could tax these people too.

  8. j corvett says:

    they cant see or be in every spot all the time. no excuse for millions slipping through the border. tons of illegal drugs is sent through this border daily! And doing nothing about it for the last 30-40 yrs is ignorant and costly!

  9. Nightspyz1 says:

    did they try putting automatic guns that shoot anything within a mile of the border

  10. Jasmeen Malhotra says:

    Hehe, first time I’ve seen serious journalism paired with trip-hop.

  11. VincentVanGoat says:

    You know it’s Vox when someone illegally trying to cross the boarder is called a migrant and not an illegal alien.

  12. Carlos Sandoval says:

    As a mexican living abroad, I do think that it is important to report on the border patrol to help the general public understand how the border between our countries work. With that said, I really think that it would also be important to document the flow of people that daily come and go across the borther to legally work in the States as well as in Mexico. I mean that was really missing. In my eyes the border is not only the flow of ilegal immigrants trying to cross to the USA. But the real day to day in the urban areas along the border in the US and Mexico.
    Keep up the good journalism.

  13. Rasulbek Rakhimov says:

    I feel that Casey Neistat vibe in this video.

  14. Reckless& Relentless says:

    Brilliant, and very informative.

  15. Aaron Wiens says:

    Hey vox acutely admitted that there is a problem at the border!

  16. Bob Wonder says:

    What’s the song at the beginning

  17. lazyperfectionist1 says:

    Of course, let’s not overlook the fact that _terrorists_ very seldom need to cross on _foot._ Oh no. They take planes.
    Let’s _also_ not overlook the fact that, yes, there are people from Mexico trying to cross the border into the US, but there are _also_ people from the _US_ looking to cross the border into _Mexico._ Let’s not overlook the fact that Mexico is _surpassing_ the US on more and more key points. They provide their people with universal healthcare, tuition-free college education and several weeks a year of paid vacation.

  18. KOSsniperChief says:

    the Chinese beat us to it by just over 2000 years….

  19. kod593 says:

    typical…this man didn’t propose a solution.

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