The War on AI

The War on AI

Happy late new years, coming out of the bunkers.

Voice of Masked figure: @TheLaddi




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22 Responses

  1. TimTom says:

    TABBES! WE MISSED YOU! And let’s face it. When I, of all people, get worried about someone not posting you know it’s been a while. Welcome back! 🙂

  2. Supertron says:

    When Tabbes finally posts, you know it’s going to be a good year.

  3. British YunJin says:

    i swear tabbes’ sense of humour is the closest thing we’re gonna get to immortality since the queen died

  4. Mary Dominguez says:

    Ik you’re the jokester type but your still human and you can share anything that your going through with us bc us fans will support you through anything big and small <3

  5. CHANCEL3R says:

    Tabbes is like that dad that comes into your life every couple of years and then leaves again

  6. IJ Layugan says:

    She came back just to address a serious ethical issue but still balanced with that comedic animation and writing. Amazing.

  7. ȶաɨֆȶɛɖɦɛǟʀȶʐ says:

    This is exactly what I needed. Two years later, and it’s like she never left.
    Still just as funny.

  8. Slitter the Dubstep says:

    Ben Levin is one of my favourite Musical Animation Artists.
    Something thats very refreshing about his stuff is that he really embraces AI art and all the imperfections and uncanniness in the algorhythms

  9. BenRegen says:

    I’m stoked that you’re back, Tabbes! Strange timing, I just did a bit of searching yesterday to see what you’ve had going on. I hope you’re having an awesome day 🙂 thanks for the joy you bring to so many of us!

  10. bucket hat boy says:

    Hey—we artists know that our jobs are fine; AI just isn’t up to the standards that multi-billion dollar conglomerates hold for art. What we’re actually worried about is the fact that AI art is not ethically sourced. AI uses random art from actual people to create its pictures. That burger and fries prompt? Yeah, that’s passable enough for someone to start selling it as their own art, even though it’s probably already been done before. The jobs aren’t what we’re worried about; it’s the copyright infringement that’s the true problem.

    Anyways, AI is good when it is ethically sourced and/or used to make shitposts (ie: CCTV footage of Yoda robbing a convenience store).

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