The War Within Announce Cinematic | World of Warcraft

The War Within Announce Cinematic | World of Warcraft

Our heroes Anduin and Thrall find themselves drawn together by a radiant vision emanating from within the heart of the world. Find out what comes next in the opening chapter of The Worldsoul Saga story arc with the newest expansion World of Warcraft: The War Within: coming in 2024.

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49 Responses

  1. heksen says:

    And right after Magni comes out of the ground and yells “AZEROTH WOONS MY FRIENDS!”

  2. The Khalanos says:

    This was genuinely, beautiful. If only they made the warcraft movie like this instead.

  3. Bobby Rabii says:

    The way Anduin grips his sword after each little speech is an amazing lifelike telll of someone under immense stress trying to hold it together

  4. Robert Benefiel says:

    The look on Anduins face, the eyes, the quiver in the lips, even the jump when Thrall places his hand on Anduins shoulder, it was all done so well and probably the best simulation of emotion I’ve ever seen in CGI.

  5. Hassam Latif says:

    The reveal of Sargeras’s sword sent chills down my spine

  6. ternera says:

    They outdid themselves with the quality of the filming this time!

  7. Andy says:

    Anduin is probably the first CGI human ever that didn’t trigger any uncanny valley effect in me. Absolutely insane.

  8. Markus Ziegler says:

    Not only the visuals and storyboard are amazing, the sound team does an incredible good job 👏🏻

  9. Shmiite says:

    Blizzard disappoints in many ways but cinematics is never one of them. Insane job by the team!

  10. Fjord F150 says:

    My goodness… This and WoD has to be their best looking Cinematics by far. Anduin looks so real!

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