The Warden: Minecraft Movie | Minecraft Animation | Alex and Steve

The Warden: Minecraft Movie | Minecraft Animation | Alex and Steve

Alex and Steve must escape from The Warden in the Deep Dark! CAN WE GET 25,000 LIKES?!
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Voiced by:
Alex –
Steve –
Ben –
Co-written by Hapico
Special thanks to The Minebox

The Warden: Minecraft Movie | Minecraft Animation | Alex and Steve – Enjoy

Disclaimer: The Minecraft videos we create are not approved by or associated with Mojang unless specified otherwise. This is purely a fan series.
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36 Responses

  1. Blue Monkey says:

    Guess who? Hi, yes, hello, howdy. Been a while, huh. More videos coming soon! Thank you all so much for sticking with me and being so patient 💚💙

  2. SomeCGDude says:

    So Alex thought Steve might have been kidding, and she STILL jumped to what could have been her death?

    I love cartoon logic

  3. BOOM BOOM Fiyah says:

    And when the world missed him most, he returned!

    Seriously I was just thinking yesterday how it’s been a while since your last video! And the wait was well worth it as always!

  4. ChickenNinja451 says:

    Alex- “ Don’t make any loud noises or we’re toast”.
    Steve- “ But I love toast🥺”
    Alex- “ The bad kind. Burnt toast. Not even any butter”

  5. Logicall says:

    Ok the part when Alex said “According to my book of convenient exposition” I actually almost died there😆

  6. H-Bit Graphics says:

    “My book of convenient exposition” I love meta humor.

  7. Rashadstar07 says:

    Such turning on the event for Steve and Alex are exploring for caves and cliffs for more adventures they’re having is awesome 😆👍

  8. McJardred says:

    Finaly. Blue Monkey is back…

  9. You says:

    I absolutely love the animations so much of these 🙂

  10. ChosenArchitect says:

    I love this! That Potion Rick got me 😀

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