The Warriors Should Have Never Won This Championship

The Warriors Should Have Never Won This Championship

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36 Responses

  1. ImJabzter says:

    As a lifelong Cavs and Lebron fan, Curry has earned my respect. ✊ Can’t ignore what he’s done on the court.

    • Mar Supreme says:

      I swear i jus said this to my girl at the beginning of the video he called it he a baller i love that yall say he changed the game. But all he did was just stay true to his game stay down till the come up

    • Jarod Haws says:

      He didn’t earn it the first 3 times when he beat your king ?

    • Tommy Dong says:

      @sean khan You can’t hate on a team that drafted well and developed players to win championships.

    • kachow says:

      “Lifelong lebron fan”- 12 year old 🤣

    • pyrobully_gaming says:

      I’ve been hating on Bron since about 09, and I gotta say Steph is true man’s Man!!! He’s everything a Superstar should be especially if you want a dynastic run

  2. Dark Man Kpakpo says:

    The Warriors quite literally went to Hell and back. So happy for them.
    Also seeing Steph that emotional has to break the hardest man ever.

  3. Neptune Amaru says:

    Klay really inspired me a lot this year. He came off two season ending injuries and his first year back he’s a champion. Wiggins has an incredible story as well. He finally found his place to shine.

    • Ifbfmto says:

      @Amir-かみ Not just Jordan Poole, Andrew Wiggins too

      Both looked REALLY GOOD this year/and even more so in these Finals

    • Amir-かみ says:

      Not to mention the overall performance from Jordan during this past season. This year he really came into his own and was able to step up when he was needed along with being a leading scorer for some games. I’m not even really a gsw fan but I think that this was their best championship run overall. With everything that had to go through and the determination they put on full display was admirable and deserves all the praise they get

    • JC Justin says:

      Not even season ending. They are potentially career ending

  4. The Writer's quill says:

    I’ve been thinking about this championship for the Warriors for the last few days, and it’s really starting to hit me just how incredible it is: what this team has done. It took two years for a team that had multiple devastating injuries, a world-beating talent leave in free agency, and the worst record in the league, to recover, run it back and actually win it all – again! In the words of SAS, “HOW DO YOU DO THAT!?!?!” It was unfathomable – WAS. I don’t think we fully comprehend the unworldly talent, toughness and heart of Stephen Curry (most importantly), Draymond Green, and Klay Thompson just yet. Let us take note and savor it before it’s gone.

  5. Jeremy says:

    I’m a huge Cavs fan and this still gave me chills. And honestly, Cavs fans should appreciate what GS has done more than anything. They were once a small market team. They won a chip with players they drafted and/or developed. As jimmy said – no high class free agents were picked up. Awesome work. Congrats on the ring.

  6. Brian Tyler says:

    Dude that ending is fucking FIRE

  7. Major Matthew says:

    Jesus Jimmy, being a Curry and Warriors fan, after having watched this Video I got some goosebumps. Giving the man the respect he deserves 👏

  8. aj dileo says:

    Curry literally took a team from worst to first, then he was hurt and they went to worst, he came back and they went back to first. what a champion.

  9. Jaden DeGruy says:

    I think this the first time where i can say that I’m not upset they won this title. It felt so empty without them dominating for some reason and to see the warriors win again after all the things that have happened, actually puts a smile on my face.

  10. Taz Hoops says:

    “Often when you think you’re at the end of something, you’re at the beginning of something else.” the perfect quote for the warriors last 8 years

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