The Wax and the Furious: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

The Wax and the Furious: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Warren G. Harding and his posse of presidential wax statues team up with Armie Hammer and Russell Crowe to pull off the greatest jockstrap heist of all time.

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71 Responses

  1. Shivam Jaiswal says:

    December is gonna be so boring without Conan, Bill & John.

    • Storm says:

      I doubt that anyone will actually take time to read this ……but Started YouTube not long ago and my goal is to reach 20k subs before my birthday…. just liking this comment so more people can notice me would help….. god bless youπŸ™βœ¨

    • Big T. Larrity says:

      psmtz No we’ll just be having sex and living well adjusted lives, things that I know are quite foreign to you.

    • Ilang Ilang says:

      God I am so depressed.

  2. Sharmili Adhikari says:

    Hilarious as usual. See you next year! And cannot wait for the movie lol

  3. Thea Bruun says:

    *I always question how the hell John Oliver gets the funding to do these things. Does HBO have some sort of Scrooge McDuck moneybin, just for John Oliver or something?*

  4. S F says:

    HBO just gives John Oliver money and says ‘Surprise us, John’ πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  5. Napoleon I Bonaparte says:

    Where are the Wax Secret Service when you need them?

  6. Lau DeNos says:

    I’m so happy they’ve got all that dragon money.

  7. Daniel says:

    This is y I like John, doesn’t give a fk and has fun with it

  8. Babajide Fawole says:

    What kinda budget y’all got over at HBO for this show? Lol

  9. wbennin says:

    It amuses me to no end that Russell Crowe was in on this

    • Don Korb says:

      +raythegardener Nah man, years with low calories are called “new years resolutions”. Scientists still haven’t confirmed if they actually exist or if they’re only a theoretical concept.

    • Juli An says:

      +Karl Karlos “according to Einstein, time and space are identical”
      No, they are not. They depend on each other, but are not identical!

    • Theomite says:

      @wbennin Yeah, for a guy with an explosive temper and serious people-skill problems, he seems to be really game to do silly and funny stuff, even at his own expense. He was WAY happier to be on Saturday Night Live than the cast was to have him on.

  10. Sairam Subramani says:

    Fantastic end to a fantastic season! Keep em coming!

  11. Jim Gillespie says:

    Part of me was hoping that John was going to stand up and be wearing the jock strap

  12. King Washington says:

    Better than the last three Fast and the Furious

  13. Retro Fury says:

    HBO putting that Game of thrones money to good use

  14. James Hussey says:

    Movie exec: How do we make Armie Hammer’s acting seem less wooden?

    John Oliver: I have an idea…

  15. Inukshuk says:

    What the HELL did I just watch? Also, why was it so good??

  16. TanTheMan says:

    Low key better than all fast and furious movies.

  17. Lauren Allred says:

    HBO: What’s the plan this week, John?
    John: We are going to make a movie about Russell Crowe’s jockstrap starting Russell Crowe, Armie Hammer, and our wax Presidents.
    HBO: …Ok then.

    • Shruti Jha says:

      Spoiler alert please

    • rehman arshad says:

      Lauren Allred πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

    • Korenn says:

      +Shruti Jha That’s your own fault for reading the comments ahead of time πŸ˜‰

    • Purple Panda says:

      Lauren Allred and then they funded it

    • Theomite says:

      HBO: So…you wanna make an expensive dumb pointless short film about wax presidents stealing Russell Crowe’s jockstrap in a FAST & FURIOUS-style action scenario?
      J.O.: Yeah, that’s exactly what we want to do.
      HBO: Do you see a sign out on our front gate that says “Adult Swim” on it?
      J.O.: I don’t understand-
      HBO: *Do you see a sign on the front of our gate that says “Adult Swim” on it?*
      J.O.: …No.
      HBO: You know why?
      J.O.: No.

  18. Adedayo Makinde says:

    There’s a reason why this show is at the top of its group…content, timing, watcher interactions and just the most horrible awesome ideas…

    Hey maybe hold a raffle and have one of us star in one of these horrible movies British glasses wearing turtle bird bro!!!.

  19. Psycho Obst says:

    Not gonna lie. When the “you think this is over?” part came I thought it’s going to be Stephen colbert and HIS wax presidents that are the antagonists. I’m a little disappointed.

  20. Laurent Parmentier says:

    You have to give to Russell Crowe, he has a damn good sense of humor

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