The Weather Is About To Get Even Weirder…

The Weather Is About To Get Even Weirder…

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In this video we are talking about several days of severe weather and a developing “death ridge” that could change our weather significantly towards the middle of May.

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40 Responses

  1. Ryan Hall, Y'all says:

    Thanks to Liquid I.V. for sponsoring today’s video! Click here to enter to win one year of FREE Liquid I.V. Hydration Multipliers! 💧

    • jeremy says:

      Ryan, I don’t know how else to even try to get ahold of you! But is the y’all squad going to show up in Linneus, MO? I served with a couple guys from there! I. Got ahold of 1 of them he and his family are okay! But said most of the town has been damaged, it’s a small town.. and if the y’all squad is going I would love to join you as well!! I do not live far from there! But I asked him if or how I could help the community, he didn’t reply, sure he has a lot going on though

    • GrabFam Scratchin says:

      Question, Could all of this weather be from the Magnetic North and South Pole flipping?

    • Mukbangs Are Awesome says:

      Honestly, I thought this was another snake oil, but I tried it and I feel great lol.

    • Katheen Mccrary says:

      I been watching you a long time my son lives in Tennessee I keep telling him to watch you him and his girl friend gOT drenched yesterday on Harley would have been dry if they watched your channel..You are amazing how you prepare people for bad water tornados everything before it gets posted right before sirens go off..God bless you and your sqad

    • Marc Chatow says:

      Hi Ryan! Hey, I just watched your entire video, you totally left out that here in Arizona & New Mexico, we’re going to get some unusual May rain!! Everyday I’ve been looking at the long-range, and every time it gets updated, the chance for rain in Arizona keeps going up, which is very unusual for May out here, which is one of the driest months of the year out here!…Very interesting!

  2. Jeff says:

    what’s great about Ryan’s videos is its not just “there’s rain here, storms there, here’s the temperatures” but he actually explains why this is happening, which makes everything feel more legitimate. its educational for us viewers too!

  3. XTRA says:

    Hey Ryan! I’m so thankful for the constant updates! It’s been really helpful!

    • Ro Ro says:

      How’s it been helpful? 😂 aside from your local weather 😂

    • XTRA says:

      @Ro Royan goes a little more in depth into things which in my opinion, gives me a helpful and better understanding of what the weather is doing. Though I still listen to the local weather

  4. FishSki Gaming says:

    Im almost never in the severe weather zones because im in New England but i hope people in these areas stay weather aware! But remember! Don’t be scared be prepared! Thanks for all you do y’all! ❤

    • The Cute One says:

      I live in CT and I agree 👍.

    • NoLa Ray says:

      @The Cute One I recently moved to Connecticut from Louisiana/Mississippi and I do NOT miss the constant tornado warnings at all!!! I am, however, sick and tired of finding ticks on me. Lol

    • Delwin Martin says:

      I’m From Massachusetts 👋

    • CarCar26 says:

      I’m in eastern MA and I agree! I have weather radios too!

    • katie ♡ says:

      CT here! I’ve lived here most of my life. I remember freaking out when we had a tornado warning… crazy thing to happen up here. And if we do get a tornado, it’s nothing compared to these videos I watch! At least I know how to be prepared.

  5. T-Yoonit says:

    Say some prayers for our central Canadian neighbors. They’re experiencing some major wildfires right now.

  6. JalenDevon says:

    Ryan is just so consistent when it comes to uploads

  7. Megan Hanson says:

    Thanks Ryan! I’m a regular on your streams and was there when rolling fork happened. Seeing the y’all squad show up for these communities is just heartwarming. You are the weather streaming GOAT.

  8. Kennygaming says:

    Hi and thank you for what you do I love watching your streams because even if the tornado is not near me I always do because I have to check on my friends 🙂

  9. Roberts Noname says:

    I live in Idaho, and we just got a thunderstorm a few minutes ago. A lot of the population of Idaho lives in a rain shadow, so this thunderstorm was crazy for us.

    • wendy carothers says:

      If your in northern Idaho looks like you got more coming on…I’m in Spokane and it’s coming in now

    • Merrill Lewis says:

      We got something coming in here in Downey.

    • Bread says:

      I live in hanson, and we had a bit of rain about an hour or two ago. It looks fairly clear right now though we may end up getting another bout of rain or at least some cloud cover down here. I will try and update areas in the south of Idaho to Mid-South of Idaho I’m keeping an eye on that.

    • Steve Cooper says:

      Nothing crazy in Utah so far. Some spotty rain so far

    • Alindalt says:

      Northern utah here. Dark clouds and a few splattered sprinkles on the windows.

  10. Doris Beans says:

    Thank you Ryan for the update. I am in Illinois and those storms last night were very strong. I hope today is better. I appreciate ya!

    • Pamela H says:

      We were in the Aurora area last night and the lightning was spectacular!

    • Tonya Burrell says:

      Me too, that wind was very scary!!! We drilled our swing to our 2nd story porch and the wind ripped out the 2 front legs and it swang by the back legs and if it would have blew away, it could cause an accident as we live on a busy road. it was scary for sure.

    • Doris Beans says:

      @Tonya Burrell For a second I thought we were in a tornado it was so scary. I am happy your swing didn’t blow away.

    • Kathy Harper says:

      Morris IL here…storms were intense the thunder was non stop for probably an hour! Pea size hail also

    • Doris Beans says:

      @Kathy Harper Wow! I don’t know if we had hail but the wind and lightning were super wild.

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