The Weather Turns VERY Different After Thanksgiving…

The Weather Turns VERY Different After Thanksgiving…

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In this video, we are talking about how around Thanksgiving, a major weather pattern change will set the stage for recurring storms across the US.

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Please refer to your local National Weather Service office to get the most reliable and up to date weather information as possible.

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27 Responses

  1. Ryan Hall, Y'all says:

    Check out the link below to take advantage of Lectric’s Black Friday deal!

    • Marvel originals legacies says:

      Sir quiet is a bad word when it comes to the weather it will get chaotic thank you for your understanding

    • Nopelindo Putra Perkasa says:

      Very useful and beneficial Thanks for sharing God Bless You Greetings from a traditional Indonesian gold prospector 🇮🇩🌸🌼👍👍

    • Kory Ogden says:

      Watching from Oregon – living in my van – appreciate having a heads up on what’s coming. Much love!

    • HarryDolton says:

      My Lectric bike broke and they won’t help me, I don’t recommend them at all. Pure nightmare.

    • pvtpain66k says:

      Me: goes to skip ad. Wait, that’s actually pretty cool. I don’t think I need one, but I also didn’t know that existed.

  2. LionHeartOG says:

    Thank you for having a weather forecast that makes sense and I can plan appropriately.

  3. L3N0R4 L4N3 says:

    This channel has become my favorite place to get updates on the weather! I suggest Ryan to *everyone!* Not looking forward to some of what was predicted, but a good video to watch, as always!

  4. Hades_WEIRD_Child says:

    Thank you Ryan for keeping us updated!

  5. Sue McQueen says:

    Best weather forecaster ever. Thank you, Ryan, for all the work you do to help us be prepared, rather than scared. You rock!

  6. RedBandit says:

    Ryan thank you again for giving us updates and continue giving us updates! We love what you do and we appreciate your doing! ❤☁️

  7. Weather Man Nick says:

    Enjoying The Rain in the South!! Thank you, Ryan, for keeping us weather aware!! I want to be a meteorologist just like you and maybe meet you one day!!

  8. Christine Wakitsch says:

    I’m a Navy veteran … I was an Aerographer’s Mate in the mid 70s, and I wish I had kept up with studying the weather … it’s a fascinating subject, and you do such a good job explaining it 😊 Thank you!

  9. kermit peck says:

    always be prepared for anything, have eyes open and ears listening, and without letting fear dictate your decisions. thanks for the weather update ryan.

  10. Steven Hibbs says:

    I absolutely love and appreciate your in-depth weather lessons/forecast videos and of course every other video you post and create and livestream

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