The Weeknd – Starboy (Live On SNL) ft. Daft Punk

The Weeknd – Starboy (Live On SNL) ft. Daft Punk

Starboy ft. Daft Punk (Live On SNL)
Taken from the new album Starboy

Connect with The Weeknd:

Filmed October 1st, 2016
Studio 8H 30 Rockefeller Center NYC

Music video by The Weeknd performing Starboy ft. Daft Punk. © 2016 The Weeknd XO, Inc., Manufactured and Marketed by Republic Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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20 Responses

  1. Samuel Torres says:

    when you’re early for the first time and don’t know what to type.. I LOVE

  2. Maroun Studio says:

    The Weeknd feat. Justin Timberlake would be huge !

  3. Silvia Nyambeki says:

    I come alive in the fall time

  4. Mohammed Alfarsi says:

    most of “beauty behind the madness” kids dont know that his new style
    generated from “kissland”.

  5. Anirban Biswas says:

    Only 90s kids will remember the Weeknds old hair

  6. Freshables says:

    When u have to censor a song for white people lmao

  7. anita dutoit says:

    i feel like he’s more comfortable this year.. I really can see his
    character more..

  8. meryem kaleli says:

    i love his new hair so fucking much

  9. Venom HD says:

    The Weeknd is always so lit live, but the dead crowd ruins it every time.

  10. Xeno Blade says:

    Was hoping for a surprise appearance from daft punk, I knew it wouldn’t
    happen but you can never predict their moves

  11. NoBiggieTV says:

    hitten them notes like i hit hookers in gta

  12. Mike Hunt says:

    He looks like he wants to dance like Michael Jackson but doesn’t have the

  13. Five Star says:

    The illuminati is strong with this one ?

  14. Sarahwk says:

    You are motherfucking starboy

  15. ɮoʊnċɛ օʄʄ says:

    At least he’s not lip syncing like all the other idiots

  16. DOGE THE BEAST says:

    This is one thing that kinda makes him better than drake is that when he’s
    on a show he sounds like he does on the music video drake doesn’t at all

  17. John Deer says:

    ima motherfucking starboy

  18. irem firat says:

    That crowd is dead

  19. Jazzmone Smith says:

    The little wiggle he does at 3:20 ❤️

  20. King Felipe says:

    I love his new haircut but at the same time I kind miss his hair