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Track 2 is called “Get On” by “Tame Your Fears”
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Track 3 is called “Guesswho” by “Max Armfield”

Track 4 is called “Lost Me Again” by “Droids Osaka”

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Track 6 is “VIVALDI – SUMMER” by “Look Mum No Computer”

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30 Responses

  1. colinfurze says:

    This is just so much Fun……..Would you ride it?

  2. Kevin Talbot says:

    that thing looks amazing!!! would love to have one

  3. Jullia Capybara says:

    Colin really should open a museum for everybody to see his inventions

  4. The Engineering Mindset says:

    Such a cool project! I really need to start building random amazing projects instead of teaching technical engineering it looks so much more fun.

  5. S K says:

    The best sponsorship anyone could have asked for , colin never disappoints

  6. Fred Floyd says:

    colinfurze is the definition of, “everyone will grow old, but you don’t have to grow up” 🤣

  7. Maria: Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    IF…it was painted green, you could CGI yourself into a movie doing flight maneuvers. Brilliant work, Colin!!

    • TAC says:

      Yall are replying to a bot that stole someones comment

    • Martin Meise says:

      ​​@Alex In stunt business they usually use ropes as they are less visible and can move in every direction (not limited to an orbit). Also you can easier accelerate and decelerate while in the air by using ropes.

    • Richard Joy says:

      Damn, I just wrote something similar…I should def read the comments doh!

    • ReederMedia says:

      Do this

    • Vlad Shv says:

      This particular single-section arm is very limited as such. It can only work in the orbit of it’s own rotational point. There’re much more advanced ones out there that can work in rectangular spacing. Those once usually have 2 or more hydraulically driven sections connected to one another, that can be programmed to pull off complex sequences. Sort of like an excavator arm, but way more expensive.

  8. Make it Extreme says:

    That’s insane mate. Looking awesome and fun. I can’t imagine the feeling up there.:)

  9. CreativeADHD says:

    Honestly, this thing you’ve made has so many practical purposes its wild.

  10. Айбулат Исхаков says:

    I can definitely see the use of this contraption in some space training centers. And also, let’s see… film making, amusement parks, circuses, rehabilitation centers, pilots training and something in that vein. Interesting thing you built there, I applause!

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