The Weird Reason We Think Vitamins Are Good For Us (They’re Not)

The Weird Reason We Think Vitamins Are Good For Us (They’re Not)

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20 Responses

  1. Melroone says:

    Hypervitaminosis , if you want to get more vitamins just eat a polar bear
    liver you will die from to many vitamins

  2. FerrieTale says:

    I had a virus not too long ago and my doctor told me to take vitamin C..
    This is awkward.

  3. pigs canfly says:

    Wait so americans eat megadoses of vitamins to cure colds?!

    Plz stay in europe kids

  4. RJTheHero says:

    Shots fired at Dr.OZ?

  5. snakelemon says:

    Can I please make out with the doctor show host? Thank you!

  6. Nathaniel Geller says:

    Actually in Seattle, it’s recommended that you take vit-d because Seattle
    doesn’t get much sun

  7. Simboiss says:

    Vitamin D supplements can be useful for people living in higher latitudes,
    because the lack of sunshine (duration and angle) in the colder season make
    vitamin D synthesis more difficult.

  8. PAPO1990 says:

    I always thought that Vitamin C helped bolster your immune system, helping
    lessen the severity and length of something like a cold… never that it
    was a cure in and of itself.

  9. Dan Cina says:

    don’t believe what people tell you, but believe what I tell you because I
    work at a famous comedy site.

  10. Justin Castro says:

    thx adam THX!

  11. zekdom says:

    Truly, this is College Humor – informative and funny.

  12. Fightneit 90 says:

    i exercise alot and dont eat red meat very often. iron suplements are a
    MUST for me, especially when im working outside at my job in texas in july.
    ive been anemic at least 3 times in the last 5 years. then i turned to iron
    suplements, and never had it again. outside of that, probably true, most
    people dont need them.

  13. Jack Hosier says:

    Nice paper Airport Terminal

  14. Mark Pinzon says:

    do religion ?

  15. Jove Joved says:

    This video is suffering from CollegeHumor’s “poorly labeled content”
    syndrome. I wonder if vitamins can sure that?

    The thumbnail is labeled “Vitamins Are A Myth”, when vitamins are not a

    The video itself is labeled “The Weird Reason We Think Vitamins Are Good
    For Us (They’re Not), when vitamins are capable of being good for us when
    we have deficiencies. Removing the “they’re not” at the end would make a
    world of difference.

  16. ExtremUnknownAl says:

    why is this show always about things we already know..

  17. aaron evans says:

    I just ate a bunch of lettuce and spinach

    Just a fact about me ;)

  18. PotionsMaster007 says:

    You also piss out excess vitamins because your body only uses what it needs
    and cannot store excess vitamins like it can with carbs.

  19. Arthur Kirkland says:

    ((I /have/ to take some vitamins though, because the medication I’m on will
    effect my eating habits (being more or less hungry) and I end up barely
    getting any nutrients at all))

  20. ApexIXMR says:

    The only vitamins that work are the ones shaped like Flintstones, everybody
    know that. Yaba-daba-doooo