The Weirdest Halloween Movies You’ve Never Heard Of

The Weirdest Halloween Movies You’ve Never Heard Of

I Found The Weirdest Halloween Movies You’ve Never Heard Of – It was quite a spooky experience. Happy Halloween!
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a million thanks to Archie for this video, would never have gotten it finished in October without him:

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38 Responses

  1. Tiny Warrior says:

    Imagine pulling an all nighter to show everyone the weirdest movie to exist, dog bless.

  2. Katie Mendoza says:

    I’ve seen A Talking Cat before and seen an RLM video on Bigfoot vs DB Cooper, so from the beginning I was like ‘omg this looks just like those movies… that actress (mom) is in all of them… it’s gotta be the same guy’. I SCREAMED when it all started coming together. This director is an insane D-tier movie phenomenon.

  3. PragMagik says:

    Bro, that misogynist headmaster was the Red Time Force Ranger. How the mighty have fallen.

  4. Holy Messenger of Bibble says:

    Oh my god, sincerely thank you Ted, because for years I have been thinking about Halloween Puppy. I’m kind of a connoisseur of S tier garbage, a talent I discovered at a young age. I found this movie as a kid while digging online for bad Halloween movies and for years it has haunted me as a somewhat distant fever dream. The image of those kids sitting in front of that weird totem pole has haunted me for years, but I never remembered what it was called. As a token of my appreciation, I would like to share with you Spymate. A kid’s movie about a spy monkey. Need I say more? I have so many terrible movie suggestions, and I am happy to share them with anyone.

  5. Ox says:

    As someone who’s watched ” A Talking Cat!?!” as a kid, seeing this movie being made in the exact same house(It has the half car couch thing at 12:33) with the same Mom is amazing. I dont know now if this director made all these Talking animal movies in a week or just makes them casually every now and then at his mansion that he probably rents.

  6. IrishBoy says:

    You know it’s weird when Ted uploads twice in one month

  7. Kris Rossetti says:

    Kristine DeBell (the actress that plays the mother is fascinating to me) she was in the adult film industry in the 80’s, was the love interest in an early Jackie Chan movie called rumble in the Bronx and now this.

  8. Audrey Carter says:

    I remember finding a Talking Cat!?! once and watching it with my family. The “talking” part is created by a small black moving shape that is supposed to be the cat’s mouth moving. Incredible movie.

    • The Outcast says:

      @somecat Eric Roberts is also in both as the talking animal, which amuses me greatly.

    • Braden Chesney says:

      @somecat I just noticed that. I guess the house is a rental for these low budget films.

    • somecat says:

      If you look closely at A Halloween Puppy, you’ll notice that the actress playing the mom is in both movies. Also, the HOUSE is the same, with that stupid half-volkswagen car seat in the family room

  9. The New Kid in The Kingdom says:

    You know, one time I was out on the streets in cosplay on Halloween. Out of the corner of my eye I spotted Ted Nivison dressed as Patrick Bateman (from the film American Psycho)! I went up to say hi to him, but when I arrived he began sprinting to an alleyway. I figured he must be shy, so I followed, but when we were alone he turned around and stabbed me repeatedly in the abdomen before spitting on my wound! Happy Halloween, Ted!

  10. Alex Benson says:

    I actually met Ted at the Big Wegman’s the other day! When I asked for a quick photo he poured a bottle of Frank’s hot sauce in my eyes, the burning still keeps me awake at night. Super memorable, nice seeing his face as my final sight, 10/10

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