The WEIRDEST Video Card We’ve EVER Seen..

The WEIRDEST Video Card We’ve EVER Seen..

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What do you do if you have a big store and need to drive a bunch of displays in 4K? How about a GPU with nothing but ETHERNET outputs?

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55 Responses

  1. Joseph Stott says:

    whoever edited the linus grunt montage scenes is a genius

  2. Luis says:

    Anthony is a BIG BOY

    No hate he is amazing

  3. Adrian Ocampo says:

    No one’s gonna talk about the out of focused intro?

  4. Kevin J says:

    -I’m sorry, again?
    -Once more?

  5. Sentinel Prime says:

    Lew: Reveals 1 Jack at 10 million subs
    Linus: Hold my Beer

  6. Valtiel says:

    Anthony is a great addition to Linus channel

  7. Subscribe To Me For No Reason says:

    Did you guys really have to unroll it to use it? The signal is still going over 100m with the stool rolled up, right??

    • potato potato potato potato potato potato potato says:

      don’t you want to run monitors outdoors

    • Themunit1 says:

      saw the cable in the video? it is more than shielded, in this application you would worry more about crosstalk, but yeah this is a crazy cat cable, it has like 7 shields and crossings to prevent this. As there is no real power running through it wouldnt indicate that much anyway. Thats low voltage stuff here.

    • Deathbrecht says:

      +Suhkma Dheek yeah pretty much this. ?

    • Ben Harris says:

      +Suhkma Dheek This bait?, This is only data going over the Twisted pair cable, like a max of 5v at barely 1 Amp, even if it was PoE nothing would happend especially on Cat7 Shielded cable. On the other hand, running a 240v AC drill off a roll of cable will definitely cause heat issues.

    • Ismail Haque says:

      Suhkma Dheek it would only turn into a magnet if it had an iron core which here it didn’t, it was a wooden roll.

      There was no issue they just wanted to have fun and lengthen the video to 10 mins for ads

  8. Toni Decker says:

    is there snow outside and he use sandals???….wtf? a canadian^^

  9. Patrick Killmonger says:

    We should really appreciate and like Linus’s videos because we can see how hardworking he is just to make a video and to show us what’s its use for

  10. Mike Sucks at Halo says:

    4:36 Linus falls into lava and loses all of his diamonds

  11. Alan Hilder says:

    I would prefer just 4 displays at the 4k resolution but with keyboard and mouse return built in. you can build a great workstation but with the computer set up in a more secure place, you don’t risk kicking it under the desk and crashing all the days work AND if someone breaks in to rob the place there is only displays and keyboards to pinch, not the million dollar project that your company is about to patent. The 4 displays is just being greedy I know.

  12. David M says:

    You understand that you could have plugged the other end into monitors in the same room and achieved the same thing right?

  13. Noctale says:

    Could’ve just plugged it in to test without unravelling the spool lmao

  14. Nathan Cole says:

    1:35 isten with your eyes closed

  15. Mikha'il Gonato says:

    What on earth is this editing ahahaha

  16. Ignatov says:

    Давно я так не орал с “прокладки” кабелей )))

  17. Hedgey says:

    The WEIRDEST Video Card We’ve EVER Seen……..except for Anthony

  18. Skketched says:

    Anthony literally floating in mid air 4:12

  19. Brendon Boyer says:

    u don’t have to stretch the chord 600m it already has to go through the entire chord anyways lol

  20. Radcaster says:

    This card is actually a perfect solution to something I’ve been trying to figure out for months.
    At work I we have 6-8 TV’s out in various places in the office, all hooked up to individual old PCs in our server room. I have been looking to downsize this significantly, and using one of these cards looks like it might be the way forward. Question is, can I run 6 VM’s through it…

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