The WERD: Screw Unto Others

The WERD: Screw Unto Others

Donald Trump’s new budget proposal slashes funds for the arts, humanities, and Meals on Wheels. In fact, it’s so vile that Stephen’s identical twin cousin returned to praise it.

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20 Responses

  1. Yalmai Kazi says:

    Stephen Colbert more like Stephen ‘Cold Bear’….lol….i crack myself up…

  2. Shriya Sriram says:

    And while all of this shit is happening, the rest of the World is laughing at Trump. America has become a joke with its punchline as Trump.


    Trump Fucked My WIFE

  4. angel2901 says:

    I fucking hate Baptiste and his fake laugh

  5. camelshit says:

    It’s back again ! .. why was it gone for a while, I wonder
    Anyway; great work, Colbert.

  6. Real Native says:

    But brainwashed trump supporters be like ” it’s fake news ” Trump the Fraud is right ” I love the poorly educated ” -Trump the Fraud

  7. M3rcenaryPizza says:

    Did anyone else actually go to the “” website or am I just a false hope pleb?

  8. Jeremy Galloway says:


  9. Anthony Chung says:

    How can Trump’s action be making America great?

  10. Andrew Tessman says:

    New rhyme: Dump the Trump

  11. mr dinkleberg says:

    if had a dollar for every time the trump administration lied , i wouldn’t release my tax returns

  12. Namida says:

    Trumpist : ‘Trump is unfairly demonized by media! He is actually nice guy!’

    Trump : ‘Hold my vodka….’

  13. dave skerritt says:

    Well, those of us who were against Trump knew this type of thing would happen under Trump. Increase military and cut other programs. How come you Trump supporters couldn’t see this type of thing coming??

  14. John Smith says:

    Dear Baptiste: Say something funny or be quiet!!!!! Thank you.

  15. alreid09 says:

    I find it weird when people who supported Trump, complain about getting screwed over. How do you complain when he said he would do things such as this, while campaigning?

  16. Grani Chon says:

    LOTR sword + Captain america shield ? what is this ?

  17. Jose Deloera says:

    trump touched my sister’s pussy… son of a bitch.. lol..

  18. Biggus Dickus says:

    *Remember when Trump said:*
    1. he was going to donate his salary? He just accepted his second paycheck
    2. Mexico was going to pay for the [useless] wall? He has now asked congress to appropriate $25 billion of taxpayer money
    3. he was going to divest his businesses? He changed his mind
    4. he was going to release his tax returns? He changed his mind
    5. he was going to appropriate money to black colleges? He lied to get a photo-op.
    6. he was going to drain the swamp? He filled his cabinet with lobbyists, oil magnates and wall street execs
    7. nobody on his campaign had communications with Russians? Seven people have now admitted they spoke with/met with Russian officials, after they lied and got caught
    8. that the Obamacare replacement would cover more people at lower costs? Trumpcare covers fewer people at a higher cost

  19. typoded says:

    love that hes holding sting lmao

  20. rooigrassy says:

    America is a complete shithole country

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